[MOD] [AE] Steamtex Weapons Pack

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[MOD] [AE] Steamtex Weapons Pack

Postby Chrono Vortex » Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:08 am


Steamtex lent me a pretty big helping hand in the early phases of my C&C Weapons Pack. He also made quite a few weapons and ships himself, but sadly most of them died in the Previews from the Impatient thread. I personally thought that the weapons he made were pretty cool. So, since he left a link to the unfinished pack, I decided to polish it up a bit and release it for real.


This pack has a bunch of standard-ion damage hybrid weapons, some area targeting weapons, some chargers, and even some crew killers. There's plenty of diversity in this pack in terms of power as well, with weapons suited for all phases of a playthrough.

Download v1.1 here.

Suggestions for balancing issues are welcome if any issues come up. This mod should work with Captain's Edition, though the sheer volume of custom weapons in that mod may drown out the ones in this one. Some weapons have been removed due to being incomplete, I may finish them at some point. Thanks to bamalf for providing a working link to the unfinished pack.
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Re: [MOD] [AE] Steamtex Weapons Pack

Postby steamtex » Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:56 am

It's been... a little while, to say the least. I know I sort of dropped off the face of the earth at some point way back when, but I thought I'd stop by since I was (quite honestly) reminded that FTL still exists and decided to pick up the new versions of CE and whatnot. On the way, I saw this, and I have to say, thanks -- I know I wouldn't have done anything with this stuff otherwise, and it looks like it's in good hands here.

I do also know (at least, I do after having posted this...) that I've probably just necro'd an ages-old thread, but what the heck.

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