MOD[AE] FTL STORIES: Make your Own Story

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MOD[AE] FTL STORIES: Make your Own Story

Postby sul » Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:48 pm

The FTL "STORIES" mods are some simple stories written in FTL. I essentially made this for myself while learning how to write events, but there are some simple tools or examples that new modders starting their own story may want to check out for understanding.



- STORIES_CLEANUP: This mod empties all story events from the original game (such that you can only encounter the content you added to the game afterwards). You can quickly test this mod on its own, you will just travel in empty space until you run out of fuel.

- STORIES_TESTEVENT: You can reuse this code quickly to launch a custom event at first beacon (this is what people usually do to test their own events). Add your event to the file event.xml.append with the name EVENT_TEST (make sure all other events with the same name are commented).

- STORIES_TUTORIAL: This mod is a tutorial on how to create events in FTL from scratch. It is very boring, just made to play some test events while reading the xml files for understanding. It covers most aspects of events like choices, rewards, ship encounters, map beacons, etc...

- STORIES_SHORT3AUTO: A standalone little story where you chase three auto-scouts in the first sector. A very simple and understandable example of quest to reuse.

- STORIES_SHORTHYDRA: A standalone little story where you chase the mythical hydra (best played on easy). It uses unique story mechanics (a quest that multiplies) that i havent seen anywhere else so far, so it can be worth a look for experienced modders as well.

SIMPLE STORIES link (02/20/16): ...
Patching order is: Stories_Cleanup THEN one of the other mods.

- The download file is in .zip format, it should be unzipped and the .ftl files that are inside used with slipstream mod manager. More details on each mod in the slipstream header.



This rather big mod adds a sector to the game, the scrambled sector, that replaces the original Crystal Homeworld. In that sector, you will find random fights with all ships from the game, some stores and a few friendly events. You can access that sector from any exit beacon in the game, and once there you can keep roaming forever in Sandbox mode if you want. You can always come back to the other sectors to continue the main adventure, then return to the scrambled sector latter on, etc. A bit like CE infinite but more minimal, and for Vanilla/AE.

link(02/27/16): ...
This mod may be compatible with other mods but is not really intented too.

Bonus: check also my complementary serie of mods "FTL CRAZE" on game mechanics:
And the Scramble mode:


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