[Ships] [AE] [CE Compatible] The Strikers Set

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[Ships] [AE] [CE Compatible] The Strikers Set

Postby CAKE » Thu Jun 04, 2015 4:48 am

NOTE: This post is a combination of all 3 posts with the Strikers, the original posts can be found Here, Here, And here.

It was found in an asteroid field by pirates, later the pirates who boarded the ship were found by the federation, they had to try to destroy the rebel flagship or go to prison.

This was the first ship I have uploaded to the fourms.

Click here to download version 2.1
Click here to download CE version 1.1

Hull image
Room layout
Version 2 room layout

This version of the striker was modified by the Engi to use drones, however its weapons have been down-graded massively.

Click here to download version 2.
Click here to download the CE version

Room layout
BONUS what happened when I tried to get the gibs :?
Version 2 room layout

The hull is just the hull of the type A but with the hue changed

This Striker was found in crystal space and was modified to use crystal boarding technology.

Click here to download version 2.1.
Click here to download the CE version.

Room layout

The hull is just the hull of the type B but with the hue changed

Install with SSM

The CE version requires Captain's Edition 1.269 (may work on older versions but I built it on that version).

Let's plays:
None :( if you have a LP leave a comment and I will add the LP here.

FTL Team, for the game.
kartoFlane, for the Superluminal ship creation tool I used.
Skorpio, for the Space Ship Construction Kit I used to make the hull.
Sleeper Service (and many others) for CE.
If you want to ask/tell me something and get a timely response, read this paste: https://pastebin.com/LXcq186T

Mod hub for some of my old mods (which will not be supported anymore) here

A Guide On How To Combine 2 Ships Into 1 File

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