[Ships] [AE] ScrapLord Class Cruisers

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[Ships] [AE] ScrapLord Class Cruisers

Postby CAKE » Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:25 pm

These ScrapLord class cruisers are made from wreckages of other ships! Buy one and get it 50 percent cheaper than a standard military grade cruiser! Current deal, ships are 25 percent cheaper than normal! sale ends 23rd of november 3142!

That backstory was written like an advertisement :D (the year 3142 is the year the events of FTL is in (well what I have decided the year is :P )(also the 23rd of november is the date I released this mod on))

The lore friendly one is that the federation don't have much scrap so they cant afford proper ships.

These ships are made completely out of gibs!

Kestral ScrapLord, not ready (That one will be hard :( )
Engi ScrapLord, not ready
Fed ScrapLord, ready! go here!
Zoltan ScrapLord, not ready
Mantis ScrapLord, not ready
Slug ScrapLord, not ready
Rock ScrapLord, ready! go here!
Stealth ScrapLord, not ready (That one will be very hard :cry: )
Lanius ScrapLord, ready! go here!
Crystal ScrapLord, not ready
Rebel ScrapLord, ready go here!

Rock ScrapLord Hull

Known Bugs:
No gibs.
No miniship icon.
No cloak.

Install with SSM

Let's plays:
None :( if you have a LP leave a comment and I will add the LP here.

FTL Team, for the game, and the gibs I used to make the hull.
kartoFlane, for the Superluminal ship creation tool I used.
If you want to ask/tell me something and get a timely response, read this paste: https://pastebin.com/LXcq186T

Mod hub for some of my old mods (which will not be supported anymore) here

A Guide On How To Combine 2 Ships Into 1 File

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