[Ship] [AE] [Type B] [CE Compatible] The Automata

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[Ship] [AE] [Type B] [CE Compatible] The Automata

Postby CAKE » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:11 am

Type A
During a federation raid on a rebel shipyard the federation found a massive auto cruiser, it was called the automata.

It has a Charge Laser, a Pike Beam and two Mini Beams.
It's crew are: none, its an AI ship.
It has two mark 1 combat drones and a mark 1 Defense drone.
It has Titanium System Casing and Slug Repair Gel.
It has the ion weapon the Rebel Flagship uses as the artillery.
It replaces the Engi Cruiser type A.

Type B
This version of the Automata was built from scans of the Automata, its ion burst weapon was replaced with a laser weapon.

It has Hull laser mark 2, a Artemis missile and a mini beam.
It's crew are: 2 Humans and a Engi.
It has a mark 2 defense drone (the "boss defense" as it says in the blueprint name), a system repair drone and a anti personal drone.
It has Distraction buoys and and something else (I will check ASAP)
It has the laser weapon the Rebel Flagship uses as the artillery.
It replaces the Engi Cruiser type B.

Click here to download.
Click here to download version 2
Click here to download the CE version
Click here to download version 3.
Click here to download the CE version 2.
Click here to download the type B.

Version 2 room layout
CE version hanger image
Version 3 hull
Type B hull

Known Bugs:
No gibs.
No miniship icon.
No cloak.
Type B may be incompatible with my other ships that dont have a version 2/were from before january.

Install with SSM

The CE version requires Captain's Edition 1.269 (may work on older versions but I built it on that version).

Let's plays:
None :( if you have a LP leave a comment and I will add the LP here.

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Version 2: Removed the crew (to make it an auto ship) and removed the fire suppression augment.
CE version 1: Replaced the titanium system plating with a AI avatar generator, added nanobot trade augment from CE, replaced the Charge Laser with a Artillery laser mark 1, replaced the pike beam with a scythe beam and removed a mini beam.
Version 3: Changed the hull image to have better shadows, moved some rooms so they wouldn't go out of the side of the hull.

FTL Team, for the game, and the ship hulls that I recoloured and spliced to make the hull.
kartoFlane, for the Superluminal ship creation tool I used.
Sleeper Service (and many others) for CE.
If you want to ask/tell me something and get a timely response, read this paste: https://pastebin.com/LXcq186T

Mod hub for some of my old mods (which will not be supported anymore) here

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