[SHIP] Ion Assault Ship / Ghost Ship

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[SHIP] Ion Assault Ship / Ghost Ship

Postby DrMrBlueX » Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:14 am

- Contents -

1. Introduction
2. Story
3. Pictures
4. General Info
5. Mod Compatibility
6. Download
7. Installation
8. Changelog
9. Credits

- Introduction -
Second ship I've made now. This one is a step up, I went through and compiled this "thing" and you may notice after you inspect it more (unless you have a good eye) that I went through and drew (with my mouse) some parts of the ship. They can be told apart from the actual copies of a part of the ship, like the helm of the Kestral. It may not look too appealing but I thought it looked good enough to put onto the forum.

I made this ship into a Ion ship, as in it prefers Ion weaponry.

Anyway, the real reason I made this ship is so I could turn it around and make a Type B for it... a ghost ship. I made a thread about this in the mod development section since it has taken be pretty much a day and a half to make the first ship (Its a big ship, so having to draw some of the things was a pain). The ghost ship for now has standard weaponry, but I have plans in the future to add its own exclusive weaponry.

- Story -

Type A:
You and your team of 3 joined the Federation fleet in defense of the Rebels. Your job was to take down the enemy systems with your Ion weaponry, your specialty. Nicknamed Thunder for your Ion weapons, you were a big ship. You also controlled drones to assist your ship in actually bringing down the enemy.

Type B:
And it was this when you and some other fighters were firing against Rebel fighters when suddenly Mantis slaves teleported onto your ship and released havoc onto your systems. Engines down, pilot down, you and your team were slaughtered that time. The Mantis struggled to survive on the ship, as fires started everywhere and no one survived. Your ship floated off into space, beaten and no longer working.

Suddenly, a ghostly force reanimates the ship, as a civilian noted in his journal as he saw this strange encounter. Your team of 3 returned as ghosts, ready to take revenge on the people who did this to you. Though you have decreased health, you function like a normal human. Get ready to take revenge.

- Pictures -

Ship's base.

- General Info -
*bold indicates an important part that will be a key player in changing non-modded gameplay

Type A:

Starts with:
- 3 humans
- Ion Blast
- Ion Bomb
- Level 1 shields
- Level 2 weapons
- Everything else is level 1
- Level 1 drone control
- Level 3 engines
- Anti-Ship Beam Drone Mark I
- Enough reactor power to power everything fully except engines, unless you don't use your beam drone.

Supports/Doesn't Support:
- Everything else.
- 4 weapons
- 2 drones

Type B:

Starts with:
- 3 ghosts
- Dual Laser (TO BE CHANGED)
- Artemis (TO BE CHANGED)
- Mini-Beam (TO BE CHANGED)
- Requires initial shield upgrade for shields, since they were severely damaged.
- Cloaking, bringing a stealth fighter like experience.
- Level 2 sensors. Your ghostly powers allows you to see into the enemy ship.

Supports/Doesn't Support:
- Drone Control, your ghostly powers summon a ghostly drone to assist you.
- Doesn't support teleporter. Teleporter has issues when attempting to teleport ghosts. (Not an actual bug, just goes with the story)
- 3 weapons
- 1 drones

- Mod Compatibility -

First off, any other mod that replaces the Kestral-A and/or Kestral-B ship will definitely cause issues.
Second, most likely any mods that overwrite: Artemis, Dual Laser, Ion Blast, Ion Bomb, and Mini-Beam weapons (Not as in what they look like or what their projectiles shoot, but rather if you replace Artemis with a different missile weapon that does more or less damage or something) then your gameplay will differ from what is expected.

Other things should be a go.

- Download -

Dropbox is an easy way to keep files updated without changing the download link.
Older versions will be kept in an archive.


Older Versions (Will only provide older version link when there is a major update)

- Installation -

1) First of all you're going to be needing the Slipstream Mod Manager.
Download it here: http://www.ftlgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=17102
Drop its contents (all the modman.exe, readme_modders.txt things) into your FTL directory <-- (C:/Program FIles/FTL/ or something like that)

2) Assuming you've already downloaded the .ftl file for this mod, place it in your "mods" folder in your FTL directory

3) Run modman.exe. You should get CMD opening (not sure for mac/linux), and then the actual interface will open.

4) Select this mod. You might see the Beginning Scrap Advantage or your other mods with it, but just find this one.

5) Select "Patch". This will change your game's data and resources files and actually change your game.

6) Close out of unnecessary programs, and start your game!
7) ???
8) Profit

- Changelog -

Current Version - Version BETA - February 18th 2014
- Release of Type-A

- Credits -

All interior is from FTL, except that some were edited to fit a room or were rotated.

Made using my favorite ship maker: Superluminal
Get it here:

Couldn't have done it without using Gimp, amazing art program.
Get it here:

And thanks to the makers of FTL for a great game! :)

- End -

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