Master Mod List - Abandoned & Discontinued mods

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Master Mod List - Abandoned & Discontinued mods

Postby UltraMantis » Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:11 pm

Some mods had to be moved here to make room in the main list. Though abandoned or outdated, they can still provide ideas or lessons to modders.

Installing Mods - Mods require SMM - Slipstream Mod Manager to install/uninstall. Want to make mods yourself? You can find a lot of usefull info here: Modding Utilities, Resources and guides


Balancing - Total Conversions
- Mods include changes to multiple features (new sectors, ships and weapons, custom UI, etc).

[discontinued] Advanced Weapons and Shields - Author: nataryeahbuddy
[discontinued] Enemy Diversity Pack (New versions are integrated into Captains Edition) - Author: kartoFlane
[abandoned] Faster Than Hard Light [WIP] - Author: blaeron
[abandoned] The Federation Strikes Back v0.2 [WIP] - Author: dalolorn
[abandoned] Hard/Extreme difficulty - Author: AtillaBosma
[abandoned] ProjectX - Author: SSk77
[abandoned] Star Trek Addon - Author: Natalie
[abandoned] Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 + UI LCARS - Author: kevinandersson

- New ship designs (may include new weapons or UI changes as well). Ship being replaced by the mod is noted in (parenthesis).

[abandoned] C-1092 - Author: MeGusta
[abandoned] Face Space beta 1 - Author: DarkestLulz
[abandoned] New Ships 'Steam Fin' and 'Nano Scale' - Author: DCChuckles
[abandoned?] Old republic frigate - Author: Vozhban
[abandoned] Starcraft Total Conversion - Author: Tuesday

Master Mod List can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2645
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