[SHIPS] [MULTIVERSE] The Tardis (Re-Re-Mastered) [v013]

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[SHIPS] [MULTIVERSE] The Tardis (Re-Re-Mastered) [v013]

Postby Chrono Vortex » Sun Jul 31, 2022 5:55 pm



The Tardis mod was created by Gencool several years ago, this release is a Multiverse-compatibile adaptation. You can view the original post (of which this one is an almost identical copy) here.
Many elements have been rebuilt from scratch to take adventage of Hyperspace features. Even so, I did my best to make this as faithful a recreation as possible. Enjoy!


Download v013 here.

WARNING: This mod makes changes to the Multiverse starting event. It will work with other mods I've made which do the same, but I cannot guarantee compatibility with mods made by other people. Proceed at your own risk!

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Version History

v013 - Timelord update
   Added sonic screwdriver ability to Timelords
   Added transitional race for regenerating Timelord
   Timelords now begin regeneration upon death
   Timelords can no longer be cloned

v012 - Misc fixes
   Added option to regain sonic screwdriver during hyperspace if lost
   Fixed Timelord shooting sounds
   Fixed Master becoming Doctor after multiple regenerations
   Can no longer install an additional instance of reconstructive teleport

v011 - Event update
   Added final sector events (dumbed down significantly from original so as not to compete with MV's final sector content)
   Added mod appendix metadata

v010 - First official release for MV
   Made Timelords into a proper race rather than a reskinned Crystal
   Reworked layout of Tardises and added temporal manipulation system
   Implemented MV's equipment toggling system for sonic screwdrivers
   Reworked sector start events to work with MV (final sector events not yet implemented)


  • New Timelord race
  • New sector start events
  • 3 Custom ships (Tardis mk40, mk42 and mk4X)
  • New weapons
  • New Sounds (lots of new sounds!)
  • Probably a few bugs!



The Tardis comes in two variations -
- The mk40, which is the original take on the ship and closer to the one in the show.
- The mk42, which is built with standard room sizes to better fit the FTL universe.

The initial loadout is designed to promote tactical gameplay;
  • The Sonic Screwdriver and Cyber Laser can be used in different ways for varying effects
  • Your only means of healing crew is through teleportation (lots of running around on enemy ships!)
  • Limited crew, Remote-Repairing and Cloaking make the early run a very defensive one

A lot of people try to use a boarding strategy with this ship. That's not the way it was planned to work, and isn't very effective in the early game.



The Paradox - the mk4X - is based on various incarnations of The Master, using The Paradox Machine as the inspiration for the ship.
It is designed as a more challenging version of The Tardis, and shouldn't be attempted before using either the mk40 or mk42.

It follows most of the same rules, but with some distinct twists;
  • Your initial loadout is heavily limited in terms of defense and stopping power - you must be aggressive to survive the early game
  • Teleportation is your only means of healing, but also your primary form of attack; crew control is even more vital
  • The backup for your single crewmember is all AI driven - Drones and Mindcontrol - making them a lot more chaotic


Weapon Packs
Some of the weapon sprites for the mod were made by me! I also made a few thematically linked weapons (think Dalek Lasers, Sonic Blasters...)
Chrono Vortex wrote:booster pack
weapons pack

"The Booster Pack" adds these new weapons to the stores, giving more variaty to the main mod
"The Weapons Pack" unlocks all the Doctor and Master's weapons and drones for use without the main mod (Want to find a Sonic Red and Dalek Beam while flying The Gila Monster? This is for you)


Original mod by Gencool
Cyber-Laser and Laser Screwdriver weapon sprites by Chrono Vortex (as well as inspiration for The Master's ship)

Many thanks to the members of the Multiverse Discord for being extremely helpful in adapting this mod.

Sound effects have been sampled from the following pages:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/teachers/d ... unds.shtml
(Originally: http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/sounds/index2006.shtml)


Ships built with Superluminal and Superluminal2

No profit is being made from this mod.
If there are any issues, please let me know and I will do my best to rectify them.


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