FTL patch available - version 1.6.1

This patch focuses on bug fixes and some engine updates with no effect on gameplay. If you’ve installed the Windows 10 Fall Creator Update and are having mouse problems, this patch will solve them. If you’re not having any problems, but are willing to be a guinea pig, I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to apply this patch as well.

Currently this update will break mods. See “Mod Problems” below for more information. This is a regrettable side effect of having to push the update out faster than planned due to the Windows 10 update bug.

Accessing the Patch:

I’ve put this patch on a beta branch on Steam for testing before rolling it out more widely.

To access: Right click on FTL in your Steam Library. Go to Properties. Go to Betas. Select “beta” from the drop down menu. You might need to restart Steam or “Verify the Integrity of Game Files” to trigger the update immediately.

The FTL main menu will say version 1.6.1 in the bottom right corner if it’s updated.

Noteworthy Changes:

Critical Fix: The game will now work correctly for Windows 10 users with the Fall Creators Update. The mouse will no longer skip around in fullscreen mode.

UI Changes: You’ll notice a number of minor changes throughout the game when it comes to UI. These are all purely cosmetic. We’re replacing some of the text with symbols and making more room for some of the other text. This is in preparation for some localization, but at this point we’re not ready to discuss languages or ETA for the localization.

Mod Problems: Because of these changes, Slipstream’s Mod Manager will have to be updated in order to function. The way data files are packed is now different. We will be available to help in the transition to update the mod systems and hopefully get everything back to working the way that you’re used to it. I apologize for the extra difficulty for modders.

iPad Version: The most up to date iPad version of FTL (1.5.14) already has 99% of the gameplay bug fixes listed here. The work done since that point has been on backend engine code and localization prep, which only effects the different PC versions right now. The iPad version will continue to receive support in future relevant updates.

Full Changelog:

Version 1.6.2 (Dec. 5th update)

-Fixed: Stats Screen was incorrectly displayed on Linux

-Fixed brief Windows slow down when starting FTL

-Key repeat functionality fixed for Pause / Menu / etc.

-Fixed weapon fire getting disrupted if re-armed mid-shot

-Fixed tooltips getting stuck when opening UI with the keyboard

-Adjusted tutorial arrows for new button layout

-Keypad ENTER and regular ENTER should be equivalent again

-Fixed extraneous heading in 3-section stores

-Fixed rare bug where the 4th slot in some medbays could become accessible

-Fixed game window not being active when opened in Windows

-Fixed fullscreen settings to always correctly match final outcome

-"Is it warm in here?" should no longer trigger when enemy is not on fire

-Increased volume slightly when opening/closing all doors

-Numerous very small art defects fixed

Version 1.6.1:


-Fullscreen mode(s) will no longer require restart

-Numerous UI modifications to prep for localization


-Mouse will now function correctly in fullscreen in Windows 10 w/ the Fall Creators Update.

-Potential fix for rare profile wipe bug after BSOD and other critical crashes

-A couple of rare crash bugs fixed

-Minor event logic, spelling, and grammar fixes

-Minor tooltip text changes

-Fixed minor mouse input bugs

-Advanced FTL Navigation no longer allows player to jump to his own location

-Restored the “Low O2” Warning

-Fixed: Enemy “charge” weapons could lock up and never fire when used with Cloaking

-Fixed small bugs with “Is it warm in here?” achievement

-Backup Battery that was damaged while in use would not properly remove bonus power

-Unpowered drones can no longer be ionized by stray ion shots

-Fixed saving bug that could clone dead crew

-Fixed: Neutral ships would still teleport over boarders

-Fixed Save & Continue exploit where you could double dip on rewards

-Fixed: ASB shots in flight would not properly save when quitting

-Fixed: Enemy crew AI would freeze them in place in some rare situations

-AI is less likely to juggle power between weapons if they are mid-charge

-Mid-cloning crew are now valid ‘targets’ for removal in events

-Correctly rewards scrap in rare situations that the player receives two pieces of equipment in a single location and their cargo is full.

Mod-Specific Fixes / Additions:

-The Slipstream Mod Manager will need to be updated to work with the newest version, but once updated all old mods should function normally

-Artillery systems can now be set to start=”false” for both enemies and players. Players can purchase the missing artillery system in shops, and that will no longer create bad save files.

-New <remove name=”BLUEPRINT_NAME”> tag added for event XML’s. (Check “REMOVAL_TEST” event for example use)