26 Flagships - Variable Flagship Challenge & CE Modmod (AE) - Updated April 12, 2020

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Re: 26 Flagships - Variable Flagship Challenge & CE Modmod (AE) - Updated April 12, 2020

Postby Roxorium » Tue Apr 28, 2020 2:55 am

I registered an account just to let you know, that the Flagship Z's 1st stage was probably the most aggravating and annoying experience I've ever had with FTL

It wasn't challenging because the flagship had next to no means of dealing direct damage and didn't pose a direct threat, with laser not being able to punch through shields and missiles easily avoided by cloak, which times perfectly with cooldown and reload, fire beam that can't pierce shields, and a regular cluster bomb launcher
And the reason why it was aggravating and annoying? Well, imagine trying to kill a cockroach, but every time you almost manage to crush it, it vanishes and comes back couple seconds later, fully regenerated.

4 repair drones with unlimited charges, possibly multiple stacks of Rock Plating, cloaking and clone bay. I've spent almost half an hour trying to figure out how to kill that damn thing without getting my ship or crew killed... never again

EDIT: It gets even better, managed to wipe out the crew completely and shut down the clone bay on stage 2, received the "AI taken over control" message and all, just for the flagship to come back fully crewed in stage 3.

EDIT2: And victory. I can say with utmost confidence that stage 2 and 3 were nowhere near as mind-numbing as stage 1. Simply put, fighting against an enemy that shrugs off most of your attacks and completely regenerates the attacks that *do* connect is not fun at all.


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