Modding Rules - PLEASE READ (it's short)

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Modding Rules - PLEASE READ (it's short)

Postby Justin » Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:15 pm

Hey guys - Sorry this has been a bit slow but I'm on the road and don't always have computer access.

Mods that require redistribution of the game files won't be allowed. This will have to be self regulated I think. I'm not going to manually delete posts but please adopt older mods to work with the ".ftl" system (or a new mod manager if it works better).

I don't have time to move all of the posts over this morning; I'm going to have to run soon. You can repost them yourself or wait until I get a moderator or have some time to go searching for all the mod posts.

Is there anyone that you all suggest as a moderator for the Modding section of the forum? Someone that could manage and move posts and help encourage people to respect our modest rules.

I will edit this post as we figure out how things will work in the future.
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