Obligatory Diablo III Thread

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Re: Obligatory Diablo III Thread

Postby catbutt » Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:06 am

CEO wrote:* Companion Str - I'm sure a lot of people like these insanely weak companions, but they annoy me. Yes, they make good meat-shields, but i want my companion to be able to kill a mob one on one while i look at the new sword that just dropped. Having it take forever for my minion to kill a single skele is unacceptable.

*Always online - I've been kicked or lagged significantly every day since launch... all while playing singleplayer.

* Character creation - Its 2012 ... seriously, let me modify how my characters look upon creation. Having 2 templated (male/female) choices per class is so 2001. This would make some sense if your character appeared in a cutscene or something, but they dont, so let me make my skinny barbarian or my pudgy mage!

* Not so random randomness - Yes, there are parts of the game that are dynamically generated ... or at least i think there is. Nothing has been different enough that i've been sure. What i am sure of is that much/most of Act 1 is the same layout every time i've played it.

I'm a little late to the party, but this post summed it up for me. The points I quoted really bugged me the most about D3, these are all indications of very lazy design and implementation. Blizzard can't figure out how to balance a badass minion against trash mobs? Oh well, they just nerf the minion to the point of uselessness - they don't even have slots to carry junk items. What are they afraid of? Fate let you pile down your minion *and* send it back to town, and it was able to kill things on it's own, and it still didn't break anything in the game!

Lag killed all of my hardcore characters. I loved playing hardcore, just the challenge was great, and that's one of the things that caught my eye with FTL with the permadeath. The instability of Blizzard's servers and the random unannounced times at which they will take them down *destroys* hardcore, and to a lesser extent the entire experience of the game. When things start chugging, I just shrug now and accept it - why should a customer have to do that? Why do they still have my 60$? I don't know.

Char customization and the 50-cell "randomization" table that items aaallways get the same attributes from, over and over: this also feels lazy. Should have been super easy to put in something to spice both of these things up. D3 basically feels like D2 with better graphics and random lag bubbles. They only thing they got right is replicating the D1/D2 gameplay experience, which is feeling kind of dated now.

I am so ready for FTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Obligatory Diablo III Thread

Postby Qhesz » Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:21 am

Agreed catbutt, so keen for FTL to come out now. :)

Gimboid wrote:
dicesquirrel wrote:Played the beta weekend, snoooooooooozefest. Always having to be logged into a server, which can suddenly kick you off for no reason is really great too.

Qhesz wrote:Persistent online connection for a single-player game is part of the deal breaker for me. It adds nothing to the game, all it means is there's another thing that can (and will regularly) ruin the experience for me. It's blatant DRM by blizzard, and I feel they're jeopardising my experience purely for their monetary gain. I'd rather be treated like a respected user than a cash cow.

Better than D2 being full of cheats, hacked and duped items, which is impossible to prevent if all your character data and the game dropping items for you is controlled and stored on your PC.

If you want to play online for whatever reason, and you want the game to be safe from cheaters, then maybe the Blizzard-hosted service is a good solution for you.
But if I want to play single player, or maybe LAN with my brother, there is not a single, legitimate, end-user focused reason for requiring a permanent internet connection. It only reduces the game experience significantly.

ps. Fairly keen for Torchlight 2 to come out as well, I've been expecting a release date for weeks now...
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Re: Obligatory Diablo III Thread

Postby CanadianWolvie » Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:56 am

wandoo wrote:I played 10 mintues, then suddenly finishede like at 4 Hours. This means that in Diablo, if you start playing its hard to stop.Free to play browser games[/url]?The latest new game Taern[/url] is coming.It is awesome and wonderful.You can also choose the Tynon[/url],because there are so many Bubble Ninja[/url] in it.

Don't click any of those links, I wouldn't touch em with a 10 foot internet pole. The bots are getting good enough to look like a ESL or run-through-a-translation-program post now, scarey. Too bad there still isn't any link on posts (that I have seen) to flag them for a moderator to take a look at.
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Re: Obligatory Diablo III Thread

Postby OrangeBottle » Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:09 am

Bought the game on e-bay. CD Key didn't work, so I sent a support ticket to Blizzard asking if I could get a new one(including detailed pictures of the box, DVD sleeve(with the key on it), and other assorted items that came with the box.

Their response? NOPE!

It's funny, I expected blizzard to want people to play their products. EA sure does, they worked hard to get me a new key when I had a similar situation with Spore. Anyway, Torchlight 2 releases in a few days, I guess I'll play that instead.
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Re: Obligatory Diablo III Thread

Postby jambonessy » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:44 am

Hate Blizzard, even though I play so many of their games (SC2, WoW and more in the past).

Diablo 3 is just grinding, I assumed it would be this way as that is what the old ones were, but blizzard said that they had mixed it up and made very technical and challenging boss fights...utter lies. I also can't believe that an internet connection is mandatory to play this SINGLE PLAYER game, just for them to try and stop piracy / stop cheating with regards to the auction house. The former doesn't make sense as pirates can easily play this game anyway, and the latter could be solved by not allowing offline characters to be allowed to sell things or play with others.

Blizzard is also the only company who seems to think it is fine for their servers to go down for sometimes days at a time, and so incredibly often...sometimes 2 days (for a game you have PREORDERED or are paying for monthly) and have never reimbursed their customers.

They also constantly reward new players / returning players while giving their loyal support absolutely nothing.
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Re: Obligatory Diablo III Thread

Postby Qhesz » Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:51 am

On a related note, Torchlight 2 is amazing. :)

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