[Question] Drone Power Surge

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[Question] Drone Power Surge

Postby Udummie » Sun May 04, 2014 5:10 pm

Can the drone power surge be a aspect to a ship like it replaces the artillery beam.Is it possible if so please create a
mod for it i love the drone aspect of the game :)
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Re: [Question] Drone Power Surge

Postby R4V3-0N » Sun May 04, 2014 6:45 pm

Nope, it is very hard coded to the point I think you can't even change the amount of drones or what drones are in the power surge.

And the power surge isn't a "weapon" either, and is hard coded specifically for the boss battle, it is also impossible to put as an artillery as that thing only works with weapons.

From my understanding.
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Re: [Question] Drone Power Surge

Postby Vhati » Sun May 04, 2014 10:59 pm

It might be possible to create a one-time surge owned by the player with an edited saved game, someday.
The amount and kinds of drones look editable too... in a saved game, not the xml. :roll:

From the way things are saved:
  • There's a list of regular weapons.
  • The Artillery system is a wrapper an extra weapon. It's such a thin wrapper that it's apparently just the weapon itself, appearing outside the normal list.
  • There's a list of regular drones (technically a 'normal' wrapper around basic drone info, adding T/F's for isDeployed and isActive).
  • The Hacking system is a wrapper for an extra drone, plus some extra info.
  • And there's a list of surge wrappers that each contain drones, each naming particular blueprints, plus adding some other numbers.
The player ship and nearby ship get described similarly.
I suspect the player ship also has the capacity for surge drones, but that it's always a 0-sized list.

It's conceivable each surge wrapper includes a timer to redeploy/reactivate its own drone periodically, but I haven't yet identified such a value.

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