Topia Online! A true sandbox MMORPG!

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Topia Online! A true sandbox MMORPG!

Postby Kruniac » Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:14 pm

Thats right, folks! After a lot of design work and community feedback, our Kickstarter fundraiser is ready! ... pia-online

Come and check out our dev video, and learn why we redefine the sandbox MMORPG!

- Permadeath
- Extensive crafting and world design
- Player scripted spells/traps/interface content
- An infinitely sized world, scaling to the player population!
- Full monster play! Players make up the entire monster population! Wolves, elementals, floaty eyes, !!DWARVES!! and other insane things!
- A world which is shaped by YOU! No dev created quests, NPCs, dungeons, or any "canned" content. YOU decide what happens in the game world!

We have and will continue to strive for a "true" sandbox MMORPG. Where you can do anything, be anything, and build anything. Where there are consequences to your actions, and the players tell the story. No artificial systems to hold you down. No static content to consume and get bored of. You are the game.

Also, come check out our site at !

Click on the "Sandbox" section of the main page to sample actual game content! You can even render your -OWN CUSTOM GAME WORLDS- in a forum post! With the technology we're using, anything is possible. So sign-up for the forums, threaten some developers with silk socks, and take part in what could be the most unique MMO to date.

Faster Than Light, as well as other games have inspired me to design a sandbox MMORPG. So come check out our forums, and as always, feel free to ask questions.
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Re: Topia Online! A true sandbox MMORPG!

Postby Kieve » Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:12 pm

Kruniac wrote:- Permadeath

Was interesting, until I read this. What was the thinking in the design process that lead to this particular decision?
-Single-player RPGs sometimes have Permadeath as an optional hardcore mode. Shorter games can also make use of (and even benefit from) such design.
-An MMORPG on the other hand, tends to encourage large amounts of time invested, in that one particular character. And unlike a single-player RPG, where players can elect to get around this with savescumming, if it's not to their liking, an MMO doesn't have the same flexibility - that is, not unless you're storing player files locally, which opens up a Pandora's box worth of potential hacks and save-editing as well (probably also not something you want).

Kudos on the game though, does look intriguing.
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Re: Topia Online! A true sandbox MMORPG!

Postby Kruniac » Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:38 pm

We felt that permadeath adds true consequences to actions, as well as allows a player to remove an obstacle in a meaningful way. Without permadeath, the carefully balanced systems we have in place would literally fall apart.

Also, this isn't a grind type MMORPG. We've ensured that players will be able to continue playing the game after losing their character without many problems. Again, it's mostly a consequence feature, rather than a "hardcore" feature.

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