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Re: Star Rogue :: Sci-Fi Roguelike Platformer

Postby guldenguenter » Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:21 am

Hello everyone,

Rebinding controller and keyboard keys is now easier, more animations and various bugfixes!

- changeable controller bindings for both players
- changeable keyboard bindings for player 2
- number keys now also bindable
- restore default buttons for both players
- show blood option for enable/disable
- animation to blue and enemy green gas
- player die animation
- active door animation
- next stage teleporter animation
- credits, armor and health which spawns in the air now falls to the ground
- new text lines for each character

- improved laser boss movement pattern
- recoded unique items for 2 player games
- made blue gas from item more visible
- revised ingame help text

fixed bugs:
- shop items not showing what they do
- bosses attack pattern can break when resuming from pause
- laser boss getting two shotted by laser weapon
- having items not displaying properly in pause menu
- blood of previous game still displaying
- invisible fire source in one room
- reset all stats not working

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