[FREE][ANDROID 4.0.3+] Download free Digimon Heroes v.1.0.45

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[FREE][ANDROID 4.0.3+] Download free Digimon Heroes v.1.0.45

Postby mrland » Thu May 25, 2017 8:35 am

With quite simple gameplay, people will be easy to grasp. It is also simplified enough to match the experience on the phone.
http://apksave.com/android-apps-games/c ... mon-heroes
Besides the simple gameplay, you can find the interesting features in Digimon games:
The system of character with more than 1500 various Digimon types. Their skills are also divided into 10 elements: fire, water, ice, wind, earth, wood, iron, thunder, darkness, light. This requires players to master and grasp the advantages and disadvantages of each system to be able to win.
Players can make a group with 6 different Digimon to attack your competitor. To perform these attacks, player must choose three cards with the same color that appear on the screen. The key to causing more damage to your opponent is by creating continuous combo strings after choosing the cards.
Diverse challenges system make gamers pass and this game has many interesting map maps.
The game has sharp graphics,Digimons are designed beautifull, sound that gives the gamer great entertainment.
This game has 6 legendary map so that players can experience all of challenges. The difficult level in each map will increase which requires players more and more intelligent.
You can fight with your favorite heroes all over the world.
Moreover, I will give some specifications of Digimon games for Android:
Author: Bandai Namco entertainment America Inc.
Lastest version: 1.0.45
Publish Date: April 28, 2107
Using for Android: 4.0.3+
Besides, digimon games download is free of charge. Therefore, you don’t need to pay any fees for this game. But, all of items is not free, you need save money, gems and rewards to buy them in the shop of game.
Download now: http://apksave.com/android-apps-games/c ... s-download

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