Why do people enjoy this game?

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Re: Why do people enjoy this game?

Postby Trapex » Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:50 pm

Alternatively, while u have the room with the enemy boarders vented of oxygen, u can run 1 crew member in and out of the room repeatedly (literally dance the dude on the door) the boarders for some odd reason doesnt take the oppotunity when the door has to open for ur pacing crew member to get through but instead they choose to engage the crew member in combat as soon as he enters the occupied room thus stalling them from breaking the door for a breif moment while the run to their designatd squares and as u dance out of the room breifly they would run back against the doors, u can essentially prevent any damage, or at least delay, the damage the doors have to take before its broken. (i do the same thing when facing mind control, and boarders attacking critical systems)

usually first thing i do when i hit a sun or boarders when i dont have blast doors, usually for most part of the game (every little bit of scrap counts, specially in hard mode!) is immediately run either weapons or shields crew to man the doors, this prevents fires from spreading and also slows down boarders as most of you vet ftl players already know. and yes controlled venting is always more preferred than entirely (except couple rooms eg. medbay helm bla bla) venting ur ship.

Ok so once ur doors AND oxygen goes down, and say uve managed to jumped away or be out of danger (first thing u shud try to do) have all ur crew be within the (hopefully still oxygenated) medbay, (if u have more than 3 crew, dance the others) then run first crew member to oxygen to repair, as his health drops below ~60 (may vary depending on the distance between the medbay and oxygen room) start running second crew to oxygen to take over the repairing, as ur second crew enters the oxygen room, run ur first crew back to the medbay, then repeat with 3rd crew, but by that time ur oxygen shud be up, and because u havnt vented ur medbay, oxygen shud be flowing back into ur medbay thus once ur crew are all on full, do the same thing with the doors.

hope this isnt too confusing LOL

stay strong brother

PS. funny story, jumped into slug nebula once, got my oxygen hacked. but luckily was fighting one of those piece of junk slug interceptors where the oxygen and engines had no doors. so i ended up dancing my 5 crew in my medbay and suffocated the bastards instead lol. so the point is, id say 99% of the time, when ALL IS LOST, theres seemingly NO HOPE left, if u analyze the situation ull likely to find a interesting and creative way to pull thru. its very satisfying and thats why we enjoy this game.
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Re: Why do people enjoy this game?

Postby obliviondoll » Mon Jun 16, 2014 8:31 pm

If you're running into situations where 50% of the time or more, you're simply unable to progress and are in situations where you've already lost the game, you're suffering from one of 3 problems:

1. Not pausing often enough.
2. Not staying paused long enough.
3. Forgetting the primary mission.

1. Some people seem to think that, in spite of their lack of experience, pausing is for "wimps" or "casuals" and that they're somehow better than that without needing to know what they're doing or how to do it. Whenever ANYTHING remotely risky is happening, PAUSE THE GAME. If you don't, and your reactions aren't perfect and timely, you WILL be taking unnecessary damage. If there's NOTHING happening to concern you, PAUSE AND FIGURE OUT WHY NOT. When you're giving orders, PAUSE. When you're pushing your luck with a low O2 level, PAUSE EVERY FEW SECONDS AND CHECK YOUR O2 LEVELS. When there are enemy boarders on your ship, PAUSE ALL THE TIME. When you have boarders on the enemy ship, PAUSE ALL THE TIME.

2. If you pause, look at the situation, then unpause and start issuing orders, you're wasting game-time that could be spent on having those orders followed already. Wasting the time it takes to line up a beam shot while the game is unpaused can be the difference between seeing an attack coming and timing your cloak to dodge it, or missing your opportunity and letting a high-powered missile take down 2 layers of your shields. Ordering crew members one by one into different parts of the enemy ship while your boarding party is over there can delay your shots on the enemy weapon room, and give their shields a chance to get back online just before your laser reaches the target. That in turn can give them one last shot with their Glaive Beam before you disable it, and it might knock out your engines and leave you a sitting duck for the missile launchers and lasers they still have on board.

3. The mission is to survive, and reach the Federation fleet. Your job isn't to kill every single pirate/slaver/rebel/tentacled face that looked at you funny. If you're in a tough fight, and you need to run, RUN. If your ship can't handle a situation, GTFO that situation and don't come back unless your position has changed significantly (and even then, probably don't come back, because the rebel fleet is coming). Sure, it's nice to hit as many beacons as possible, but sometimes, survival is more important than "what if they drop that one thing my ship could use to become more awesome?" - if you die and they don't, they won't be the ones dropping valuable cargo.

Playing on Easy, 90% or higher is a totally viable win rate for a casual player if you simply learn to be PATIENT with the game. Playing on Normal, it's perfectly reasonable for a casual player to have around 80% win rate. Hard is a bit more variable, but it's still reasonable to expect more than a 50% win rate there too.

Each level of difficulty does throw plenty of "maybe if I did this instead, I could have..." moments at you, as well as the odd few "I did everything right, but it still went wrong" situations. I've lost the game once because I had a volley of 6 lasers fired at me, and my cloak wasn't enough to hit 100% evade. With "only" 95%, I had bad luck, and ALL SIX LASERS HIT MY SHIP. 2 layers of shields down, 1 hit to engines further reducing my evade chance, 1 to shields dropping me to 1 layer, 1 to my O2, and the final hit taking out my cloak. Great start to a fight! If only I had cloaked pre-emptively instead of waiting, I could have charged up my weapons and got the first shot off. And maybe, if I got lucky, my Burst Laser 2 would take down their 2 shield layers, allowing the Heavy Laser to knock out one of their weapons. But maybe I would have had a bad roll, and missed with 2/4 shots, and only taken down their shields for no damage, leaving me without the apparently dubious protection of my cloak because I'd used it trying to get that first shot. And if I did land all my hits, there's still the risk of their 3 laser shots getting a point of damage into my weapons, leaving me in just as poor a position to try and damage them in return. Or worse, a hit to my engines or shields, leaving them better able to damage me with their next volley.
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Re: Why do people enjoy this game?

Postby agigabyte » Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:10 pm

To recap: This game is easy to win. When I was new, I could not beat the final boss. I always got there, but always got killed. To win I eventually installed YAS-?? And blazed through, with my first win without mods (balanced or otherwise) being five or six months after I got the game. After that it was very easy.

I won't say that I have a 99% win rate, as 1. I'm not as good as 5th, Twinge, etc. And 2. I always quit my test runs early and go back to superluminal if the ship feels wrong. And that happens a lot.
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Re: Why do people enjoy this game?

Postby 5thHorseman » Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:19 pm

agigabyte wrote:To recap: This game is easy to win.

..I'm not as good as 5th...

I'm posting a 9% win rate on Hard*. Those two statements don't go together :D

*Though I think my normal win rate is 100%. And my Easy win rate is also 100% even though I played it specifically to get an achievement to unlock a ship.
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Re: Why do people enjoy this game?

Postby shadowcrust » Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:30 pm

Your high score is about twice as high, though, and that's the only metric that counts ;-)
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Re: Why do people enjoy this game?

Postby Leylite » Mon Jul 07, 2014 9:36 pm

I'll add another comment onto the "sometimes you need to run" theme - Sooner or later, especially on Hard difficulty, the game will generate a nasty enemy that resembles a player ship build - good shields, decent enough evade to not get hurt too much (or completely avoid damage in the first volley), and a weapons setup that resembles the player's.

Sometimes you'll find a ship with two ion blasts and a pike beam. Or a ship with an Ion Blast II and a Glaive, when it's only Sector 4 and you only have 3 shields. Or a ship with two rocket launchers when you don't have a defense drone or cloak.

It's times like these that pulling off the narrow escape can be trying (in the good kind of way), and make you really appreciate that level 2 piloting and level 5 engines.


Anyway, I think most of the reasons I enjoy this game have been adequately covered in the rest of the thread... I like a challenge, and I like to make tough decisions. Also it's kind of fun to go on a power trip that one time you get unreasonably lucky with the weapons and defense upgrades.
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Re: Why do people enjoy this game?

Postby HK83 » Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:31 am

Sometimes you just die. It's part of the game.

One time I took my first jump of the game into an unstable sun with a ion-cannon armed drone. The drone's first hit took out my shields and doors. Sun flashed and set the engine room on fire which quickly spread to life support...RIP.

OR you just buy your very first upgrade. A shiny new mind control device. Then you jump into a plasma storm against a heavily armed rebel cruiser and even if you COULD power it there's a block on sensors so it's rendered useless. You laugh as missiles breach your hull and their drones shoot down your own...GNC.

You just learn to laugh at that stuff. I like the game for this volatility but realize other people might get extremely frustrated. Patience is a virtue for a reason :-p
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Re: Why do people enjoy this game?

Postby lukaskupasz » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:31 am

I will admit, the game has some subtle messages in it. Oceans rising, Terra-forming turning fertile grasslands into a desert, Technology killing humans as much as it is helping them, the richest island is also the most toxic. Can't help but notice.

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