Crash on start up...

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Crash on start up...

Postby Roller » Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:08 pm

I've tried starting this game multiple times. I just got it last week in the steam sale and haven't been able to try it out yet... This is the error log I keen getting, Any help will be appreciated!

Version = 1.03.3

Stack Trace:

1 - 0x6903b212 DrvSwapBuffers
2 - 0x6f06b0f3 wglSwapMultipleBuffers
3 - 0x6f06b1a9 wglSwapMultipleBuffers
4 - 0x6f06c6a4 wglGetProcAddress
5 - 0x6f075658 wglGetPixelFormat
6 - 0x6f075dd4 wglDescribePixelFormat
7 - 0x6f076559 wglChoosePixelFormat
8 - 0x763e58b7 ChoosePixelFormat
9 - 0x68132e25 SDL_RegisterApp
10 - 0x68135b5b SDL_RegisterApp
11 - 0x6812bbb5 SDL_SetVideoMode
12 - 0x004046de
13 - 0x005a0ef8
14 - 0x0069415b
15 - 0x004010fd
16 - 0x774f9ef2 RtlInitializeExceptionChain
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Re: Crash on start up...

Postby boa13 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:49 pm

This may be a video driver issue. What graphics card (or graphics chip) do you have? Have you verified your video drivers are up-to-date? What operating system are you using?
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Re: Crash on start up...

Postby Matthew » Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:38 pm

If you send me a dxdiag dump (to I can check your drivers and help you find the most up to date ones available :)
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