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Re: [FTL RP, WE'RE BACK, REBOOTED!] The Rogue Cadets

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:33 pm
by Chickengames
Sorry about me inactivity. I’ll try and check this more often.

“Lux! What are you doing I almost shot you?! Yeah I agree, we shouldn’t split up. Do you know what’s been happening? All I know is there was some energy pulse that knocked out power.”

Re: [FTL RP, WE'RE BACK, REBOOTED!] The Rogue Cadets

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:15 pm
by stylesrj
"I don't know exactly, but it probably had something to do with that laser we fired into the singularity and then the battle" Lux said to Kyrie, sweeping the area with her flashlight. "Not all the power is out though; we've still got life support and gravity and portable equipment still works."
She shrugged "I'm guessing The Silence or whatever this entity is called wants our ships intact but for everyone to be dead?"

Meanwhile on the Pelican, Eden was figuring out something. Wait, the lights are out and I've got no propulsion, but the comms are still working... although poorly, she thought to herself, Whatever energy pulse hit the Pelican only took out most of the primary systems...
She looked back at the slime that was taking over her main console and then towards the intercom panel near the doors. "Anyone onboard my ship still alive? I need you to go into the main cargo bay and run several bypass circuits from the Seagull."
Considering how our reactor is already jury-rigged Crystal technology, the bypass shouldn't be too hard to make. If Nicholas is still alive, even better since he's the one who worked on them.

Re: [FTL RP, WE'RE BACK, REBOOTED!] The Rogue Cadets

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:39 am
by Whiskey
Dahl at this point realized he had to move and start out of the hallway shaking, quickly look around and behind him as he walked through the darkened hallway as his eyes only let him see about 3ft in front of him, and jumping at every creak and sound of the Rebel ship, thinking the creatures were watching his every move. Then a dark tall figure stood at a 2-way intersection with a flickering light, a screech, then the sound of running.

*The sound of a hiss and ice crackling and forming*

The creature was frozen in place, the ice had engulfed it rendering it vulnerable. Dahl was scared running past the frozen creature and running left finding a difference in the wall of the Rebel ship. It turned into a... different color (am assuming the other ship your on Jake is maybe a Pirate color or a Federation color), but it was not a different color of the ship and saw 2 figures of Humans due to the hight, he tried to keep hidden and quiet but as started to try to leave as one of the tall ones popped up in front of him and he flash froze it, accidentally blocking his path making more noise than he wanted to.

Re: [FTL RP, WE'RE BACK, REBOOTED!] The Rogue Cadets

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:27 am
by Jumbocarrot0
“We have an inquiry,” the Lanius commander asked the rebel general, “if the energy wave has turned off all electronic substances, than how are our communication systems working?”
The rebel general, whose name was Vikar, was befuddled from the question. “That is an interesting question. I'm not sure, to be frank. You're with the Collins kid, right? You figured out anything from the black hole.”
“Nothing helpful.” the Lanius replied.
“Really?” Vikar didn’t seem convinced. “Several months of research and observation and you didn’t even predict this happening, nor how to counter it? Heh, then again that's what happens when you leave some kids in charge. And people wonder why we hate the Federation. Trusting kids with top secret knowledge, idiots.”

Re: [FTL RP, WE'RE BACK, REBOOTED!] The Rogue Cadets

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:49 am
by JakeCollins
Well, my thinking was the main reactor was offline but mobile devices were not. So things like the radios still worked. However, it would take a long time for life support to leech into space. As for gravity, I have no explanation.

The monster continued with its explanation. "Our race lives in a universe very different to your own. Our entire universe is only the size of one of your star systems. We only have one star lighting our entire dimension, with only 3 planets making up all of what we know. My race comes from the middle of these planets. For a long time, the border of our reality was impassible - a mystical barrier which lies just beyond our third planet. Centuries ago, we started sending various probes in orbit of the 3rd planet, made to analyze the barrier. As technology improved over the decades, we began to learn more and more of what lies beyond our realm. First, we understood that our universe is a bubble which we live inside. Next, we understood that our universe orbits something. Our greatest minds began to predict the movements of our universe through yours."

"So... Wow..." Jake didn't have anything to say.

"Only in the past five decades have the greatest discoveries been made. We know that our universe lies inside the event horizon of a Black Hole, underneath the surface, so to speak. We know that it orbits the singularity of the black hole, while still being inside the black hole. Our technology has improved to the degree that we were able to transmit energy outside the Black Hole. We even developed transporter technology powerful enough to theoretically transport matter beyond our realm, but never dared to test it for fear of what we might find. You see, it has always been thought that vicious demons lie in wait, and our universe is simply a life boat in dark waters of despair."

"Us... We are your demons..."

"Among the most fanatic sects of our religion, we believed that the demons would one day destroy our life boat with their hellish powers. When a beam of energy struck our universe, it destabilized our space-time continuum and our universe began tearing apart. As a last ditch effort to save our race, we activated our never-before-used transporter technology and beamed ourselves onto the nearest solid objects that could be found."

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:26 am
by Chickengames
“Well I’d rather not be dead, so let’s see if we can find the others.” Kyrie shined her light down the hallway. “If they’re not in the medbay, my next guess would be the cockpit.” She looked back at Lux. “Right?” As she looked back, something came around the far corner, illuminated by Kyrie’s light. It was tall, thin, and slimy.

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:00 pm
by Whiskey
Dahl had nowhere to go but the other ship as the Rebel ship scared him more. He crept into the other ship looking around both corners, the right one was pitch black while the left one had a single flickering light revealing a corner, he decided to go left looking behind him frequently. When he reached the corner he saw a door that was slightly a jarred off its hinges, but he saw movement through the cracks in the door and approached carefully, when he got to the door he saw 2 humans and one of those creatures 'are the creatures and human working together?' he first thought. He was too busy watching them converse with each other as one of the creatures snuck up behind him and slashed his shoulder. Dahl yelled in pain (like a metallic sounding one) and fell through the door on his front and weakly crawling away from the door as the creature ran off, Dahl propped himself on the wall, holding his deeply cut shoulder he was in too much pain to notice the 2 humans and the creature. Dahl is a different kind of Lanius so he doesn't drain all the oxygen but 1/4 of it so the air is stale

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:02 pm
by stylesrj
"Isn't the helm this way though?" Lux asked as she followed Kyrie down the corridor until suddenly her friend shined her light on some tall, thin and slimy creature. Lux raised her blaster at the creature, finger about to press the trigger when she realised that the creature was also very spiky; she took a whiff of the air and realised that it was more... stale than the rest of the ship. Air doesn't get stale that quickly unless life support has been out for weeks, like on the Pelican from time to time, she thought to herself.
"Wait... it's one of those Lanius" Lux said to Kyrie "I don't know much about them, even after all this time but I do know that he's probably a lot safer than what's out there..."
Then she saw in the darkness; two more figures. One of them wore a Rebel uniform, the other was Jake.
"You traitorous bastard!"

Hey look, by coincidence we're all meeting up :D

Meanwhile, stuff was happening on the Pelican as Eden was trying to figure out how to get systems online. "I need that bypass" she stated over the comms "It's just the main reactor that's out isn't it?"

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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:16 am
by Jumbocarrot0
Grom held her ground, fighting off the creatures one punch at a time. She reached for a defibrillator to shock these creatures, only to find it too was deactivated. Still made a pretty good weapon though. However, Grom was getting fatigued, she knew that they would eventually overwhelm her. Luckily, however, the translator kicked in. A static-like noise filled the room as the creatures was translated.
Bzzzz, “Kill the armageddon!” One of the creatures shouted, the others attacked.
“Armageddon?” Grom questioned, “What do you mean?” The creatures continued their onslaught.
“Wait, you can understand us?” One of them asked.
“Well, I can now. Perhaps we could solve this peacefully?” The creatures stopped their onslaught.
“We thought you were some kind of demon.”

Sediment stayed in the helm. He heard Jake leave, but a quick look outside and he was gone. He sat in the captain’s chair, staring into space. It was, dark. The weird particles were still coming out of th black hole, hitting the glass.
“Sarah?” He called out. Nothing responded. Sed was unsure whether this is due to the power outage or her processing unit being overwhelmed. He tired the communicators.
Tried again.
Still nothing.
He slouched back into the chair, staring at the stars. ‘Sometimes, just sometimes, space is absolutely remarkable.’

Re: [FTL RP, WE'RE BACK, REBOOTED!] The Rogue Cadets

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:28 am
by Whiskey
Dahl's shoulder was still sliced, when he looked up he saw the humans and despite the condition he was in, he scrambled to a corner out of fear and confusion shakingly holding up his cryo-thrower. (Your universal translator kicks in) "scared...fear...confuse" Dahl continued "Not...go...close". Dahl weakly stood up.

Dahl is scared of other species and was tested on by the Rebels