FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

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FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

Postby Antony » Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:28 am

Quick-Links: webchat.quakenet.org|#FTLOnline | ftlonline.blogspot.com | ftlonline.wikia.com | FTL Online Role-playing Guidelines & Conventions


Up-to-Date (Turn 11) Game-Sheets & Info:
Location Info: Current Turn Exploration Info Summary (EIS) | Sector Map (Not Yet Discovered) | Beacon Map | Explorable Beacon Area | Explorable Planetary Body/Star/Etc. | Ship Map (All Decks) | Ship Map (Top “Flight” Deck) | Ship Map (Mid “Crew” Deck) | Ship Map (Bottom “Vehicle/Cargo” Deck)

Ship Info: Current In-Game State | Ship Stats & Summary | Ship Stats Only | Weapons Control Only | Drone Control Only | Augments Only | Cargo Bay Only | Ship Computer’s Files Only | Quest Items Only | Reactor Only | Top “Flight” Deck Only | Mid “Crew” Deck Only | Bottom “Vehicle/Cargo” Deck Only

Crew Info: Crew Stats Summary | Capt. Antony’s Stats | Lt. Vanguard’s Stats | Ens. McAliber’s Stats

Misc Info: Scrap Accounting | The Captain’s Log | DMCI Log Entries


Story Directory:
Sector 1 - Civilian Sector
-Turn 13: Fortune Favors the Bold! NEW!
-Turn 12: Out of the Frying Pan... NEW!
-Turn 11: Something Old and Something New! - EIS NEW!
-Turn 10: Revok the Ravager! - EIS
-Turn 9: Lost in Space!
-Turn 8: Revenge of the Mercs!
-Turn 7: The Rebels Strike Back!
-Turn 6: Finally Fighting!
-Turn 5: What's Mine Is Yours!
-Turn 4: Snap, Crackle and Pop!
-Turn 3: Nobody Home!
-Turn 2: Rock and Roll!
-Turn 1: Bugs In The System!
-Turn 0: Rebel Victory?



List of Forum Members currently playing as “active” role-players in FTL Online:
- Antony as Capt. Antony StarKiller III
- VanguardOfValor as Lieutenant Vanguard
- Kieve as Ensign Sean “Mac” McAliber
- Stacie as Stacie the "Slug Princess" (Companion of Capt. Antony StarKiller III)
- DryEagle as the HoloDoc and various non-crewmember roles
- Milkshake as the Ship Computer
- Createx, ShadowStar & Alex_ in various non-crewmember roles

List of Forum Members helping behind-the-scenes:
- Antony - Writer / Director / GM / IRC Operations
- VanguardOfValor - Writer / Co-Director
- UltraMantis - Producer / Editor / Programmer
- Crimsonsabre - Editor / QA
- DryEagle - Graphics, Tech Consultant
- Shakis - Writer
- Zitkovich - Graphics


Active Crew Waiting List:

List of Forum Members waiting to join The Kestrel as an “active” Crewmember when availability permits:

- DryEagle
- Crimsonsabre
- EchoesofOld
- deathonastick
- spartaguy123

Note: If you are present in the room during a role-playing session, you will be invited to participate in some manner, shape or form. If a new crewmember is added to the ship, a roll-call will be made from the above list of members from top to bottom. If you are present, you get the spot!

List of Forum Members removed from the list of those waiting to join The Kestrel as an "active” Crewmember when availability permits:
- Milkshake
- Coregamer4
- animandan
- Ronnie
- ShadowStar
- Sophiaorr

Note: A private message was sent to you giving you 72 hours to respond. If you find that you have been unfairly removed from the waiting list, please private message me to restore your place on the list.



What is "FTL Online"?
"FTL Online" is a multiplayer version of the single-player FTL game that enables multiple participants to role-play the journey from Sector 1 to Sector 8. The cast includes 8 ship crew (4 officers and 4 crewmen), 4 Officer “Companions”, other ships’ captains and crew and almost ANYTHING that your imagination can think up. The game is facilitated by “D&D-style” ship and character sheets as well as role-playing dialog via an IRC chat room. One player running the single-player game will serve up the events to the players and decisions will be made as a group as how to proceed…”blow-by-blow”.

Each jump to a Beacon will represent one game turn. Role-play dialog, screen-shots and information will be updated in THIS thread until the journey is complete (ending the first of many planned seasons using different ships). The current ship, The Kestrel (Type A) has taken off with 3 human players, however new role-players can join once the game simulation allows for new acquired/purchased crew. You can always play a series of other characters until you are able to join the actual crew (4 officers, 4 crewmen, 4 Officer “Companions”, 1 Ship Computer and 1 sarcastic talking Door System).

Where can I participate in and/or view "FTL Online" role-playing when being played?
The #FTLOnline chat room: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=FTLOnline

When is "FTL Online" role-playing played?
Anytime a role-player enters the #FTLOnline IRC “chat-room” and decides to add their narrative and/or "role-playing" talents to the adventure.

What must I do in order to keep the "FTL Online" role-playing game in continuity?
Be familiar with the story thus far. That means reading THIS thread and checking back for the latest updates.

If interested, how can I actively participate in one of the major roles?
Please post a reply in THIS thread!!!

What should I do if I have any further questions?
1) Post a reply in THIS thread
2) Send me a PM here in the FTLgame.com forums
3) Hit me up in any one of the following IRC chat rooms:
- #FTLOnline chat room: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=FTLOnline
- #ftlgame chat room: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=ftlgame
- #fasterthanlight chat room: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=fasterthanlight

Role-playing Guidelines When in the #FTLOnline IRC Chat Room:

The IRC channel features a new recording device with new conventions (in the examples below, do not type in the quotes):
1) When you are in the #FTLOnline IRC Chat Room you can choose to be in either "role-playing" mode or "lurking/passive" mode. You are only assumed to be in "role-playing" mode if you change your "nickname" ( the IRC command is: /nick newnickname ) to that of a "role-playing character". For example, as "Antony", I am not "role-playing", but as "Capt_Antony", I am.

2) When you want your character to talk, simply type and hit enter.

3) When you want your character to do something, first type in "/me" and then proceed with describing what your character is doing. For example, “/me holsters his blaster and sits down.”

4) When you want to add general narrative to the scene that isn't related to your specific character, first type in "/me" and enclose said narrative in "[...]" 's. For example, “/me [The crew head back to the shuttle and take off.]”

5) When you want to slip out of character and ask a question that won't be recorded in the story, enclose said chat in "(...)" 's. For example., “(Hey, what should I say?)”

6) When you want to talk for a cast member not present (or another character), type in "sub <character_name> <character dialogue>". For example, "sub Enemy_Captain I'm going to get my revenge!" (Note: You Must use an "_" to connect names that require spaces.)

7) When you want to do something as another cast member not present (or another character), type in "/me sub <character_name> <character action>". For example, "/me sub Enemy_Captain heads to weapon control."

8) When you want to talk as The Kestrel's Ship Computer, type in "sub Computer <dialogue>". For example, "sub Computer Captain, I don't think that is such a good idea!"

9) When you want to post an image, type in "img <img url>". For example, "img http://snag.gy/C7slp.jpg".

10) Certain names have substitute nicks. This makes subst. roleplaying slightly faster, and formatting much faster. These sub nicks will be autoconverted:
-Capt_Antony, -cap (autoconverts to Capt. Antony)
-Lt_Vanguard, -vov (autoconverts to Lt. Vanguard)
-Ens_Mac, -mac (autoconverts to Ens. McAliber)
-Computer, -comp (autoconverts to Ship Computers, and uses formatting reserved for the Ship Computer character)

Note: The substitute nicks are case sensitive. For example, using ens_mac or MAC would not work. More quick-nicks can be added as they are needed.

Using the sub command (sub <nickname>, or /me sub <nickname>) makes post-production and editing a million times faster and considerably reduces the workload. An automated script does all the work automatically and all an editor has to do is check for errors.

Note: Your nick must be one of the registered nicknames for turbo-formatting (and, like-wise, you must use one of the registered sub <nicknames>).


Detailed Info:

FTL Online has embarked on an 8 (possibly 9) sector journey in an altered and enhanced format of the single-player game.

The ship that has been selected in our first season is The Kestrel (Type A) with enhancements (a 3 deck layout with extra systems and vehicles). The ship has left with the designated 3 human crew, starting weapons and scrap as per the single-player game. The game experience is being "Dungeon-Mastered" by the single-player FTL program and screen-shots (at the pre, mid and end turn) are being posted in the IRC chat as image links and later HERE in THIS thread as actual images once the session in progress has adjourned.

Since The Kestrel begins with 3 human crew and we had the 3 necessary to launch to our first beacon, the game has already begun. Written role-playing dialog and adventure events are being recorded in this thread so that those interested can tune in. We can take on extra crew if/when the game itself allows the opportunity. The first 4 active role-playing players have Officer titles and Officer quarters and have the option to bring aboard an inconsequential Officer "Companion" (this can be a character of any race, a pet, a droid side-kick or anything that you can imagine).

If you are interested in actively participating as a later added crew-member, please reply in this thread so that you can be added to the waiting list. In the meantime, tune in to the IRC channel and participate by creating a character that is not on the ship (i.e the Captain of a nearby vessel in need of assistance.) If we notice you in the channel during a session, we will extend everyone an invitation to participate. Simply say nothing if you wish to observe.

Through this process, we are attempting to flesh out the story of FTL's past (i.e. the origin of The Kestrel). Of course this is all "fan-fiction". The goal is to have fun and create a positive experience for both those participating and those "tuning in" to the IRC channel and THIS thread to watch what ought to be entertaining role-play.

In order to create some interest, I will provide screen-shots/copy-pastes below of:
1) The Kestrel's (Enhanced 3 Deck Layout)
2) The current "Ship Stats and Summary Info" page
3) The current "Crew Stats" page
4) The current "Ship Scrap Accounting" page
5) The current "Captain's Log"
6) Some BONUS animations from the up and coming "FTL: 8-Bit Comic"

Note: This is a work in progress, but the adventure is underway as we tweak certain game mechanics . As an active role-playing character, you will have the ability to make decisions that will affect the outcome of the journey. The process will take place in "slow-paced time" in order to allow reasonable participation by all willing role-players (active crew AND random alien ships).


Letter to Participants (sent Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:49 pm),
I want to first thank-you for showing an interest in "FTL Online"! I wholeheartedly believe that FTL is ripe for role-playing and I have faith that we will make a fun, entertaining and informative show of it.

First-off, this is a game…something that you do in your leisure time to have fun and relax. Participating in “FTL Online” SHOULD NOT take precedence over "RL" (Real Life) activities (i.e. going out on dates, spending time with a spouse/partner, kids & family). THIS game is not THAT important. So, I would like for all of us to put this "project" into its proper perspective - Live First; Game Later. Having shown interest and given participation in "FTL Online" will never be taken as a commitment to the game, the project, and/or the group. The game is designed such that it can be played with ANY single player present (I shall demonstrate below). That being said, we all have things that we do when we're not gaming AND we don't all live in the same time zone. These hurdles CAN be solved with some planning and forethought.

For when we wish to be "in character", we will have our own IRC room called #FTLOnline on the quakenet.org server. Entering the #FTLOnline IRC chat-room AND changing your nickname to a role-playing character indicates that you are able and willing to proceed with game play. Although any non-activated crewmember is welcome to come in and listen and/or role-play, it is appreciated that you only "role-play" if you (1) Have been activated as a crew-member (or Officer Companion) on the ship, (2) Are not DECEASED as a character that you played (If an untimely death does happen, you can be worked back into the game as a new character once the opportunity arises) and (3) you have been invited by a cast member to play a character of your own imagination that fits within the story’s context.

So as it stands, we have several active role-playing participants and 1 passive Officer “Companion”. Always omni-present, of course, is the voice of the "Ship's Computer" and can be interjected into the story by changing your nick name to “Ship_Computer” and enclosing all dialogue with quotations ("…”) . Of the several active role-playing participants we have, only 3 have been activated in the story as actual crew. Our 4th player, and 4th officer, will come aboard at the earliest opportunity when the "Dungeon Master" (the single-player FTL game) presents the opportunity to the ship. Players that are non-active are welcome to voice enemy Captains & Crew, aliens encountered during the crew’s exploration of planets, space-stations, etc., the Ship Computer and when "Drone Control" has been purchased, any interior ship robot (i.e. sys droid, anti-personnel/boarding drone, etc.) when purchased. The ship also has “servo-drones" (think of robots smaller than a sys droid), however, all they can do is perform cleaning and maintenance actions and beep like R2-D2.

So to reiterate, if you are in the #FTLOnline IRC room and you are an invited game participant (cast members will invite you; if they don’t, simply ask to participate), you can interact with the crew and if "interacted with" by another role-player, you will have the choice to actively respond or be passive and assumed to be "day-dreaming".

Some of the game participants will have extra-duties in administering the game in order to facilitate smooth, enjoyable and entertaining game-play. Game-play exists whenever one willing role-playing participant is in the #FTLOnline IRC chat room; however, there are different "modes" of play: “At a Beacon” -and- “In between Beacons”.

"At a Beacon" Mode:
This mode is switched on whenever the "Dungeon Master” operator is present and actively serving up game events and vital ship data to the players. This is "action time" for the crew of The Kestrel. Those that are not present will be set to "passive/auto-pilot" mode until they enter the chat room to take over the "hosting" of their character. Only activated crew-members aboard The Kestrel can talk (and act) for a cast member not present during a session.

"In Between Beacons" Mode:
This mode is switched on whenever the "Dungeon Master” is NOT present to serve up game events and vital ship data to the players. Players can roam/explore the ships interior, engage in non-life-threatening activities and engage in idle banter. If the game was last left at a beacon where there is a planet, space-station, science research vessel, Zoltan research facility, derelict ship, or even the remains of a ship or ship debris after battle, etc., said locales can be explored via interesting role-playing text. Remember, we have space-suits, shuttles and rovers for a reason. You will earn "Level Points" for using said vehicles and having positive interactions with those you encounter. I will remain in the FTLOnline chat room at all times in order to save any role-playing dialogue, but I will try to indicate in my nickname when I am AFK (Away From Keyboard), busy or sleeping. If I do not respond please leave me a private chat message and if you disconnect from the IRC server, a means to contact you. You can always post a reply in THIS thread and/or PM me using this forum’s messaging system.

Now let's talk about how the game events will be served up to the players. Currently, vital screen-shots will be presented as links in the #FTLOnline IRC chat-room during game time. All this will be refined more and more as we proceed. The ultimate goal of the game is for us all to have a fun and enjoyable time. Most of us have seen most of the events during our single-player FTL game sessions, so what is most important of all is that we embrace suitable imagination techniques assisted via rich dialogue within the #FTLOnline IRC chat-room. This experience is more about the role-playing than it is about dominating the single-player FTL game as a group. We are looking for rich, quality content and participation by a diverse user-base.

For example, we may be served up an enemy that is ready to engage us in battle. We will need to employ our sensor systems (i.e ask probing questions) to figure out what weapons the enemy ship appears to have, etc. This can also be accomplished more accurately when the "Dungeon Master” operator uploads and gives the group a link or the game screen and/or game-sheet screenshots. Once the enemy engagement has begun, the "Dungeon Master" operator will need to focus their skills in playing the scenario with the goal of minimal losses (hull, expendables and life) whilst pausing often allowing for the insertion of role-play. Expendables are our pool of missiles, drone-parts and scrap (by way of minimizing hull repairs). Periodically, the "Dungeon Master" operator will update the game-sheets to represent accurate information about the current state of the ship and crew as they sit in the "Dungeon Master" operator’s "game-server". It is important to note that the richness in role-playing will happen BEFORE, DURING and AFTER ship-to-ship battles. We will certainly see how sophisticated we can evolve this. I will be saving and "turn-time-stamping" all screen-shots to later upload into THIS thread so as to keep those interested "tuned-in" to the adventures.

So with that, I look forward to seeing fellow participants in #FTLOnline !


Now for the screen shots as well as some user-created video animations (another work in progress):

1) The Kestrel's (Enhanced 3 Deck Layout)

(Click on the above Image to enlarge)

2) The current "Ship Stats and Summary Info" page

(Click on the above Image to enlarge)

3) The current "Crew Stats" page

Antony as Capt. Antony Starkiller III
(Click on the above Image to enlarge)

VanguardOfValor as Lieutenant Vanguard
(Click on the above Image to enlarge)

Kieve as Ensign Sean “Mac” McAliber
(Click on the above Image to enlarge)

4) The current "Ship Scrap Accounting" page

Click Image or HERE to enlarge the image.

5) The current "Captain's Log"

Click Image or HERE to enlarge the image.

6) Some BONUS animations from the up and coming "FTL: 8-Bit Comic"

Raw Test Animatic: http://home.comcast.net/~watts3070/Test_Animatic.wmv

Further Enhanced and Extended Test Animatic: http://home.comcast.net/~watts3070/Test_Animatic_Extended.wmv

More to come!!!


Jump into the Beginning of the Story at: http://www.ftlgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10510&p=34616#p34276


Visit http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=FTLOnline to participate!

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Re: FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

Postby Milkshake » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:12 pm

This sounds very interesting and like a lot of fun to do, I would gladly participate:D
The only thing I have to mention is that I have not role-played very much at all, quite new to it, but it does sound really enjoyable. FTL experience will be no problem whatsoever, I got the game on release and have played 80+ hours, so I hope that will make up for the lack of RP skills.
Would love to join in:D
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Re: FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

Postby Antony » Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:50 pm

Milkshake wrote:This sounds very interesting and like a lot of fun to do, I would gladly participate:D
The only thing I have to mention is that I have not role-played very much at all, quite new to it, but it does sound really enjoyable. FTL experience will be no problem whatsoever, I got the game on release and have played 80+ hours, so I hope that will make up for the lack of RP skills.
Would love to join in:D

Hi Milkshake! If I recall, you are familiar with the chat room at: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=ftlgame&uio=d4

Let me know when you'd like to meet for an introduction to the present crew:
Myself playing "Captain Antony StarKiller III"
VanguardOfValor playing "Lieutenant Vanguard"
Kieve playing "Ensign Sean "Mac" MacAliber

As you're aware, The Kestrel (Type A) begins it's journey with 3 human crew. You are first on the list of players to be actively added as soon as an event/store gives us a 4th crew member. You are more than welcome to be in on the chat as we role-play our way to that goal. It will also give you an idea as to the leniency in which our "role-playing" will be. That is, it will be what WE would naturally do if aboard a spaceship and faced with the mission presented to us. The fun part will be how we react to the random events along the way. Once we all meet and get going we can figure out when our next LIVE game broadcast will occur.

Please PM me your e-mail address and I can give you viewing rights to the above "game sheets" so that you can view them being used during the LIVE broadcast.

Thank-you for your interest and I hope to see you aboard sooner than later! You may not have a choice in regards to your race and you'll be stuck with a game provided name (unless we can use the save game editor to change that).
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FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience - Turn 0

Postby Antony » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:50 pm

Title: Rebel Victory?

DMCI Interface Begin
Command: Open DMCI
DMCI: FTL Online Dungeon Master Command Interface Open
Command: Initialize Game#1
DMCI: Game#1 Initialized...Game#1 Loaded Into DMCI Memory
DMCI: Difficulty: Easy; Ship: None; Turn: 0
Command: Set Game Difficulty: Normal
DMCI: Game Difficulty Set to Normal
Command: Add Ship: Kestrel Cruiser|A
DMCI: Kestrel Cruiser Type A Added
DMCI: Loading Presets...
DMCI: Ship Name: The Kestrel; Shields Lvl.: 2; Engines Lvl.: 2; Oxygen Lvl.: 1; Weapon Control Lvl.: 3; Medbay Lvl.: 1; Piloting Lvl.: 1; Sensors Lvl.: 1; Door System Lvl.: 1; All Remaining Systems Lvl.: 0; Weapons Slot: 4; Starting Weapons: 2; Weapon#1: Artemis; Weapon#2: Burst Laser Mark II; Drones Slots: 2; Starting Drones: None; Starting Augmentations: None; Starting Hull Strength: 30; Starting Scrap: 10; Starting Fuel: 16; Starting Missiles: 8; Starting Drone Parts: 0; Starting Crew: 3; Starting Reactor Lvl: 8; Starting Weapon Count: 2; Starting Drone Count: 0; Crew#1: Human|Male; Crew#2: Human|Male; Crew#3: Human|Male
Command: Rename Crew#1: Antony; Rename Crew#2: VoV; Rename Crew#3: Mac
DMCI: Crew#1, Crew#2, Crew#3 Renamed
Command: Set DMCI Mode: Listen
DMCI: Listening to Game#1...Proceed with Gameplay
DMCI Interface End

Location: Hangar Ship, aboard The Kestrel. One week has transpired since it arrived. The Kestrel's Captain, Captain Antony StarKiller III begins taking on crew for the adventure that lays ahead.

Captain Antony StarKiller III and Lieutenant Vanguard meet at the port air-lock hatchway of The Kestrel.

Capt. Antony: Welcome aboard Lieutenant Vanguard!

Lt. Vanguard: Glad to be here!

Capt. Antony: You are the first crew member to join us.

Lt. Vanguard: It's not every day one receives an invitation to serve aboard a ship such as this.

Capt. Antony: Federation Duty Warrant Officer Frumple, the hanger deck chief, came aboard earlier but had to quickly run.

Capt. Antony and Lt. Vanguard enter the Captain's ready room.

Lt. Vanguard: Good to know. I'm currently in the midst of processing some vital data for transmission, so I may not be entirely communicative at this time.

Capt. Antony: So just a few things to cover and you can be off. I have posts open in engines, weaponry and shields. Please note that I have sent an invitation to Ensign Sean "Mac" McAliber. Posts may be changed along the journey and skill points will be earned for each post. All recorded in The Kestrel's Ship Computer that can be pulled up at any ship terminal or linked datapad.

Lt. Vanguard grins.

Lt. Vanguard: In that case, I would love to take charge of the Shield Battery for the time being.

Capt. Antony: Excellent! I will allow you to settle in then. I am assigning you to private officer quarters. We have four. Non-officers occupy "two-men-per-room" rooms. Officer quarters have their own showers.

Lt. Vanguard: Hmm. I am having some minor difficulties validating myself in the ship's registries. I suspect I simply do not remember the appropriate keywords for this model.

Capt. Antony: I would wait for Federation Duty Warrant Officer Frumple to return to the ship since that is his area of specialty. Even I have difficulties with the ship's computer. Until I can recruit a first mate, I will be piloting and Captaining the "The Kestrel". It is important to note that "The Kestrel" does not necessarily work in "real-time", rather, it does not operate in real "space-time". Therefore time distortions are likely.

Lt. Vanguard: Well, of course! Relativistic effects have long been known to heavily distort space-time.

Capt. Antony: I'm glad to hear that you have experience in this area. I see that Officer Quarters room B is available.

Lt. Vanguard: Is that on the port or starboard side of the ship?

Capt. Antony opens up his ship map and checks.

Capt. Antony: Your file does not denote your race or rank.

Lt. Vanguard: And I will register my personal information with the computer shortly.

Capt. Antony: It is on the Port side. The Kestrel has three decks. The main ship system rooms are on the upper "flight" deck.

Lt. Vanguard: Flight stations and living quarters are on separate levels?

Capt. Antony: Yes.

Lt. Vanguard: It's a logical layout.

Capt. Antony: I will have to send you a map of all three levels for easier understanding. The Middle "Crew" Deck includes living quarters, galley, recreational room, the communications/network room, the "Ready Room" (which also doubles as the officer's dining area), head, showers and brig. The Lower "Cargo" Deck included the cargo hold and vehicle bay with bow and aft retractable access ramps. Do realize that there is an intricate airlock system in the lower deck and there is a huge cargo-bay door at the rear. An image will serve wonders in giving you the layout. I will have to get back to you on whether your assigned Officer Private quarters are port or starboard. Although we do like formalities aboard the ship, they are most important when around non-officers. When it's just us officer on board, we can be less formal.

Lt. Vanguard: Fair enough.

Capt. Antony: We have an officer dining area and a non-officer dining area. We do insist on keeping separate eating areas. When you register with the computer please indicate your race, sex and preferred title/rank. We do honor ranks that you have had in the past even if you were an admiral. Crew-member, Lt. Vanguard...You are free to explore the ship and settle in. Will you be travelling alone or will you have a "companion"?

Lt. Vanguard: I'll take a look around, thanks. Feel free to call me Vanguard or VoV for short, as my name is somewhat of a mouthful.

Capt. Antony: Righty-o. Officer quarter beds are "queen size" to use an old Earth term slang.

Lt. Vanguard: I'll think about it. I'd hate to bring someone on board who could not provide a useful function on the ship, as I know space and supplies can be limited on long voyages.

Capt. Antony: If you do decide to bring aboard a companion (spouse, girl-friend, partner, slave, droid) please register them in the ships computer. The ship can sleep 12: 8 operational crew (4 Officers and 4 Non-Officers crewmembers) and 4 Officer Companions. In the current century we don't frown upon inter-racial, sexual-orientation or even human-droid relationships...and you might find someone along the way.

Lt. Vanguard: It's a big universe out there.

Capt. Antony: There is no telling where our long voyage to the Federation base will lead us and what adventures we will encounter.

Lt. Vanguard: I will be bringing a selection of recording devices with me, as well as possibly a small camera-drone.

Capt. Antony: Terribly sorry, in order to grant you access to "The Kestrels Ship Computer" I will need any junk e-mail address. I hate that we're still using such crude functionality, but the system insists. An "e-mail" will be sent to the address provided and will add the user to the ship's computer.

Lt. Vanguard: Such are the troubles with using a somewhat outdated ship such as this. Effective, but aged.

Capt. Antony: Officer's have full read and write access. If preferable I can make an old Earth "Google Drive" group where you can register without divulging an e-mail address. This will also serve as a file sharing area.

Lt. Vanguard: I'll have an address in a moment or two. I am simply preoccupied by the supervision of food being fabricated. After a nasty surprise with a faulty fabricator, which wound up burning my mouth quite badly, I like to keep an eye on my food while it's being made. Also, you'll have to excuse my asking but I don't know much about your service record either. Care to elaborate, or shall we put that off for another time?

Capt. Antony: Certainly, VoV. I have nothing to hide. I obtained "The Kestrel" some years ago...before the outbreak of the "war". It looked quite different on the exterior.

Capt. Antony revels in the nostalgia of the original Kestrel.

Capt. Antony: But we have been called up by the Federation and they gave it the current paint-job. I will tell the story of how I won The Kestrel at another time. But before then, I was employed as flight officer with an inter-galactic cargo/transport company: United Cargo Service. UCG now, as they prefer to be called after they went public. I rose through the ranks until 4 and a half cycles ago when I found out and was made complicit in some unethical dealings. I left the outfit and using my personal space-ship (used for commuting), I went on a journey. Came upon a really seedy trading space-station out in the Alpha Centauri system and began gambling...awful habit!

Lt. Vanguard: Lucky you found out when you did, and were able to avoid being associated with the questionable activity.

Capt. Antony: I had hit rock bottom. But it all turned around during the event which I said that I was going to talk about later. It was a smoke-filled, back-room card game. A fiendish Slug fellow was ahead in the game. The final hand - everyone had folded, but him and me. He calls putting his ship, The Kestrel, in the pot. So, I put my craft in the pot as well realizing that if I lost this hand, I would be stranded at this space-station...and scrap-less. I hope I'm not boring you, VOV...

Lt. Vanguard: And I'm sure there would not be too many Slugs sympathetic to your cause.

Capt. Antony looks into his palms as he recalls the suspense-filled event.

Capt. Antony: No, the station was crawling with them -maintenance bots in tow slurping up their "Slug tracks".

Lt. Vanguard: Not boring me in the least, no. Your adventures are fascinating. I'm simply ensuring that the upload of certain data goes as smoothly as possible, given the difficulties I had earlier in obtaining it.

Capt. Antony: Well, I won that hand and fortunately, the Slug never saw the inferior craft that I had used to call his bet….until the end as he was dumbfounded at his loss.

Lt. Vanguard: Heh, strange for a Slug to not know all the variables beforehand. They're usually so canny.

Capt. Antony: For after the game I was approached by a group of Slugs. I believe the game was a con...and somehow, to the Slug's surprise, I won the hand which is probably why he took no interest in my datapad when I brought up my craft's specs. I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

Lt. Vanguard: Bizarre, my intended e-mail for the ship's computer (Lt.Vanguard@hotmail.com) isn't available. Ah, yes. He had no intention of losing to you in the first place.

Capt. Antony: I had to hurry, Slugs in tow, to the space dock.

Lt. Vanguard: Yes, luck was on your side that day. Or did you have a hand in it yourself?

Capt. Antony: Excuse me...Are you saying that you knew about this event?

Capt. Antony stands up feeling threatened.

Capt. Antony: So maybe our acquaintance wasn't coincidental?

Lt. Vanguard: Merely asking. I find that when a Slug sets his mind to a con they're quite hard to outdo. The whole mind-reading ability tends to make it uncommon.

Capt. Antony: Ah, that. I told you about my earlier wandering in my personal craft.

Capt. Antony sits back down.

Capt. Antony: I came upon a system with a Zoltan colony. Too make a long story short (I can go in-depth later during mess in the officer's quarters)...a wise Zoltan taught me a trick to evade the Slug's ability to read minds. It's an ability that all Zoltan's possess.

Lt. Vanguard: It can be taught? I had imagined it must rely on the Zoltan's technological prowess... The Slugs must not want that information spread around!

Capt. Antony: But as a Human, it took me some time to figure out what they were doing...and also a costly implant.

Lt. Vanguard: Aha! There WAS a technological element...

Capt. Antony: Yes, thus the costly implant.

Lt. Vanguard: Not surprising, really. Zoltan physiology is quite different from our own.

Capt. Antony: Yes, but let's keep it a secret. The Engi I purchased it from is a good friend and I would hate to put him in any danger.

Lt. Vanguard: Well obviously! I'd hate to be responsible for you being targeted by the Slugs!

Capt. Antony: I believe it was via the use of this implant that I foiled the Slug's con and took off with their ship. One was still aboard, but I bested it.

Lt. Vanguard: Must have taken weeks to get it clean again.

Capt. Antony: It begged to join me. The Slug on board was a former princess turned into a member of their slave class during a regime overthrow...a female of the race named "Stacie" so please don't be alarmed when you see her about the ship. She mainly stays in my quarters and is quite shy.

Lt. Vanguard: I'll keep that in mind. It's good to know; otherwise I may have reacted rashly.

Capt. Antony: But, ironically, the most beautiful creature in the universe. Yes, well I said that each officer was allowed a companion….myself included.

Lt. Vanguard: Of course.

Capt. Antony: So, tell me VoV. How did you come to arrive at this hangar ship?

Lt. Vanguard: Give me a moment or two. The file I previously mentioned is almost entirely prepared, and I want to make sure it functions as it should.

Capt. Antony peers away as VoV works on his datapad.

Capt. Antony: Yes, I did confirm. The system did give me an access path, but I am not sure if it will work: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Al22p56BKtbAdDVYU3VraGNVTGI0RVVwSW1JQzFGcUE

Lt. Vanguard: I forgot how long processing would take, as it's a fairly hefty file.

Capt. Antony: Yes, I have heard such things in regards to "TheNetworkTube".

Suddenly, a time-distortion event cascades through "The Kestrel" (and only within it, not within the hangar in which it is docked). Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours and hours become days, etc.

Capt. Antony: Dammit, not again! I do hope that the mystery of this time-distortion bubble can be solved. With more crew aboard we can sweep the ship for evidence of what might be causing it. The prior Slug owner evidently lived with it...and Stacie doesn't seem to mind it as if she exists outside of it...or is immune to it.

Lt. Vanguard: Bizarre.

Capt. Antony: Maybe it is something they put aboard to assist them in defeating intruders. It would be great if it can be used, but currently it seems to be on the fritz...turning on at the most awkward of times. Trust me! The MOST awkward of times!!!!

Lt. Vanguard: Regardless, my past history is not quite as exciting as your own.

Capt. Antony: I shall not digress, for a gentleman does not "kiss and tell".

Lt. Vanguard: I used to serve on a Federation cruiser which was patrolling the zone between our space and that of the Rockmen.

Capt. Antony: I hope one day that a movie can be made of my adventures.

Lt. Vanguard: It was an astoundingly boring post.

Capt. Antony stares at VoV trying to determine his race.

Lt. Vanguard: The Rockmen being largely content to stay within their own territories and wanting nothing to do with us were rarely if ever seen, and we were effectively a relic of the old conflicts. Apologies, I know these suits can be fairly vague, but I'm as Human as you are.

Capt. Antony crosses Rockman off his list in the section of his datapad with VoV pulled up. Antony puts a check on "Human". Antony continues listening.

Lt. Vanguard: We occasionally had to deal with Pirates harassing us, but for the most part they went down fairly easily.

Capt. Antony: The "old conflicts"?

Lt. Vanguard: Well, for the most part.

Capt. Antony: Those most have been local to that part of space. Each race has their own history after all.

Lt. Vanguard: Well, you must know that ever since the Mantis Wars, we've been keeping an eye on the Mantis and Rockmen, who have been less receptive to our activities. Or at least, that's what the Captain told us.

Capt. Antony: So they felt you were a "relic of the old conflicts"? So you were aboard a Federation cruiser...What position and rank did you hold?

Lt. Vanguard: Anyhow, evidently the Pirates had had enough of our interference in their activities, and decided to do something about it.

Capt. Antony: and what were these duties that you felt to be quite boring?

Capt. Antony inches forward in his seat, interested.

Lt. Vanguard: Well, I worked on the shields. There's only so much work you can do on shields when you rarely if ever engage in battles. I was an Ensign at the time, although I had been promoted to Lieutenant since. Anyhow, one quiet evening, a rock ship approached and took us by surprise. They must have bought some Slug technology from somewhere because they managed to completely shut off our engines, leaving us unable to maneuver or escape. We had some Engi on-board who started trying to fix the problem, but that's when the Rockmen started boarding. With everything in disarray from the engine failure, it took much longer than it should have to organize a counter-attack and by then most of the crew had already been subdued. Our pilot, one of the Engi repair team and myself had managed to meet up in the medbay, and just barely managed to fend off the Rockmen long enough for our artillery beam to force their ship away.

Capt. Antony: Wow! Quite a disturbance of such prior boring adventures.

Lt. Vanguard: We were lucky they weren't more familiar with the layout of the cruiser, or I'm sure they would have taken the laser down from inside and we would have been done for.

Capt. Antony: Does this ancient "URL" do anything when input into your medbay?: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Al22p56BKtbAdDVYU3VraGNVTGI0RVVwSW1JQzFGcUE

Lt. Vanguard: We managed to limp back to Federation space and tell them about what happened. We all got promotions for what we had done, but I decided to take some much-needed shore leave rather than go straight back out again after that. Indeed it does. I requested access to the system earlier, but have yet to hear back.

Capt. Antony: Odd, I don't see you in the system.

Lt. Vanguard: Anyhow, since then I've been looking to get back on a ship again, and that's what brings me here.

Capt. Antony: Excellent!

Lt. Vanguard: Requested again.

Capt. Antony: In order for you to have collaborative permission to the "Ship's Computer" I will need your FedAuthIdent...A FedAuthIdent is in the form of those old "e-mail accounts". I hate that we're still using such things.

Lt. Vanguard: Indeed. The one I tried to connect with was XXXXXXXX@XXXXX.com which I would appreciate you keeping under wraps.

Capt. Antony: Discretion is always exercised on this ship. I would too appreciate that there is discretion kept in regards to my inter-species relationship with a female Slug.

A couple of weeks pass...

Capt. Antony wakes up to his spacious "Captain's Quarters". He turns to his left to see his beautiful companion, Stacie (a former member of the Slug "slave class"). He gets out of bed and opens the exterior meteor/privacy shutters in his quarter and dons his maintenance outfit and peers out the window at the bustle of activity in the Hangar Ship's port hangar bay.

Ship Computer: "Captain, it looks as if there is something on your mind."

Capt. Antony: Yes, dammit! I was summoned here by the Federation weeks ago. The paint has fully dried. I feel we're all dressed up with no place to go.

Ship Computer: "Shall I try mission control again, to see if any progress has been made?"

Capt. Antony exits the Captain's quarters and heads right, down the corridor, to the Top "Flight" Deck "access tube". He pulls out his datapad and brings up the "Captain's Log".

Capt. Antony: Well, I met with the ship's admiral upon arrival. He knows that I'm here with crew ready in his hangar. Plus he has assigned maintenance crew and droids to overhaul the ship into tip-top working order.

Capt. Antony enters The Kestrel's cockpit and pulls up a data-screen.

Capt. Antony: The interference within the hangar does not allow the ship's short range sensors to fully function. From what the scanners do show, I don't see any ships approaching this beacon here in the Omni Seti II civilian sector of the gamma quadrant.

Ship Computer: "I could reroute some power to the sensors to get them to work more efficiently, just to be sure, but it is going take some time."

Capt. Antony: Ship Computer, please run a full systems diagnostic.

Ship Computer: "Certainly Captain."

Time passes.

Ship Computer: "All systems but the port-side airlock door control are fully functional, I already made some arrangements to get it fixed."

Capt. Antony sips on the hot beverage that the food re-integrator unit made for him automatically as it sensed his awakening.

Capt. Antony: That damn port-side airlock door control...acting up again.

Stacie: Morning hun.

Capt. Antony: I knew that I should not blasted the door controls years ago when I made my escape off of that Slug Space Station when I first took possession of The Kestrel.

Capt. Antony looks at his companion, Stacie.

Capt. Antony: Oh, dear. You're in your nightgown.

Stacie: Talking to yourself again? hehe.

Capt. Antony: You will have to be sure to be in proper attire whenever you leave our quarters once we depart.

Stacie: Yes mister Captain.

Stacie heads back down to the Captain's Quarters.

Capt. Antony: No, just chatting with the Ship Computer. I simply don't know what we're doing here.

Ensign Sean "Mac" McAliber enters the cockpit compartment.

Capt. Antony: The Federation has paid given us a down-payment of 5 scrap to secure our transportation services for this "vital data"

Ens. McAliber: Talking to yourself, Captain?

Ens. McAliber blinks.

Capt. Antony: Ah, Ensign Sean "Mac" McAliber, welcome aboard!

Ens. McAliber: Ens. McAliber if being officious, "Mac" if it's casual.

Ship Computer: "Good morning Ens. McAliber."

Ens. McAliber salutes the Captain.

Ens. McAliber: Beggin' your pardon sir, 5 scrap doesn't sound all that bloody "vital" to this man.

Capt. Antony: Well it is 5 more scrap than we had before we rec'd their transmission. I had to bail on a smuggling gig in order to rendezvous with this Federation "Hangar Ship". It would have given me enough scrap to pay off the bounty on my head. Now I'm just a sitting duck out here...for hopes of riches and rewards.

Ens. McAliber chuckles.

Ship Computer: "I ran some extra scans of the nearby area, spotted one small Engi spacecraft approximately 1.67 FTL jumps away. But that is all"

Capt. Antony: I did notice 4 Engi out in the hangar this morning...talking to a deck officer.

Ens. McAliber: Maybe they came out on the bad end of a deal with Slugs too?

Capt. Antony types into his datapad pulling up the video file to show Mac.

Capt. Antony shows McAliber an image still from the vantage point of a hangar ceiling camera feed that he hacked into.

(Click on the above Image to enlarge)

Ens. McAliber nods, reviewing the image.

Ens. McAliber: Your previous run-in with Slugs?

Ship Computer: "Would you like me to run a full scan of the ship Capt.? It will take some time."

Capt. Antony: I have a feeling that the "vital data" and these 4 Engi that were aboard have something to do with all of this...Ship Computer...Yes, please run a scan of the entire ship for anything unusual.

Ship Computer: "Right away Captain."

Capt. Antony: Mac, I hope you find your quarters comfortable.

Ens. McAliber laughs.

Ens. McAliber: After the trip I had gettin' here, a metal crate and foam-wrap would be an improvement Cap'n.

Capt. Antony: Feel free to make it your own during our long voyage.

Ens. McAliber heads down to the second deck to inspect his quarters.

Ship Computer: "Processing scan data..."

Capt. Antony hails Mac on the comm channel.

Ship Computer: "Scan complete."

Capt. Antony: Your quarters are on the Starboard side. Room "O.Q. C".

Ens. McAliber: Acknowledged, Cap'n.

Capt. Antony: I'm heading back down to my quarters too. I need to handle some personal hygiene matters.

Ship Computer: "The ship seems to be fitted for combat rather then transport as it's look would have it believe, aboard are at least 2 combat ready Manti and signs that there have been Engis in the last 2 days."

Capt. Antony rides down the access tube to the Mid "Crew" Deck.

Ens. McAliber looks up at the nearest comm speaker.

Ens. McAliber: You've gotta be jokin'. There's Manti boarding us in the bloody ship while here in a Federation Hangar Ship?!

Capt. Antony hits his uniform comm device.

Capt. Antony: No worries at all, gentlemen. The 2 combat ready Manti are in cyro-tubes in cargo. I found them in some wreckage that I was fishing through for scrap. The stasis pods seem to be keeping them in perfect hibernation.

Ens. McAliber looks visibly relieved.

Ens. McAliber: Sorry Cap'n... bad history with bugs. Warn me before you crack 'em open, I want to be way the hell on the other end of the ship.

Capt. Antony: It is interesting that there were Engi crew aboard The Kestrel performing work. I had given the Admiral authorization allowing maintenance workers and droids to get the ship in tip-top condition. I'll never turn down free repairs!

Capt. Antony chuckles.

Capt. Antony: So we have weapons now? They must have just installed them.

Capt. Antony pulls up the ship computer in his quarters while shaving.

Ship Computer: "Weapon system appear to functional, will run system check for more detailed report."

Capt. Antony: Not sure why we were given an Artemis missile launching system given that it only packs a minor punch. But I sure do like the Burst Laser Mark II installed on the starboard bow.

Ship Computer: "I seem to be unable to deploy weapon mount B on port side."

Capt. Antony: That'll be terrific for taking down shields.

Capt. Antony examines his computer terminal.

Ens. McAliber finishes looking around his cabin.

Ens. McAliber: Easier to do if you blow a bloody great hole in their generator first. Computer, what's the deal with Mount B?

Ship Computer: "It is jamming on every attempt so far. Manual checkup will be required."

Ens. McAliber exits the cabin and makes his way towards the weapons room.

Ens. McAliber: What's mounted on B, the Burst Laser or the Artemis?

Ship Computer: "It's empty at the moment sir, it will take up our fourth weapon."

Capt. Antony: It could be some sort of Federation "fail-safe" so that we don't blow a hole in their hangar bay.

Ens. McAliber: Not very safe for us if it won't deploy at all...

Ens. McAliber reaches his station and begins running diagnostics on the weapon mount.

Capt. Antony: I noticed a bustle of activity in the hangar this morning...Much more than usual. I saw Federation Scouts and Bombers being moved in and out of the port hangar bay, all hurriedly being repaired. They seem to be getting ready for something. Mac, how about we take a trip to the hangar's "Cantina" and see if we can gather some intel from the workers that frequent the establishment.

Ens. McAliber looks up from his console.

Ens. McAliber: That an order, sir?

Capt. Antony: Well the place is a bit seedy and I'd rather not go alone. Can't you put those weapon mount diagnostics on auto?

Capt. Antony attached a "Ship Computer Camera Device" to his uniform lapel so that the ship can assist in scanning for clues and trouble.

Ens. McAliber: Well, the Ship Computer seemed to think manual inspection was required, but if you're buyin’...

Capt. Antony: Yeah, I'm buying...

Ship Computer: "Cpt. before you go. I was not supposed to tell you this, ask about a Rockman by the name of "Jones" I can't give any more information than that."

Capt. Antony the Captain pulls out his scrap-credit chip and looks at the dismal balance.

Capt. Antony: Drinks should only cost a mere 4 centi-scrap. It will help us blend in.

Capt. Antony heads to the port airlock on the Top "Flight" Deck.

Ens. McAliber queues a set of diagnostics for processing and joins the Captain.

Capt. Antony exits the Kestrel's port airlock. He taps the door control panel looking at the blaster mark that was put there years ago when fleeing the Slugs.

Ens. McAliber: I'm surprised the door even works at all.

Capt. Antony: I patched it up at the closest ship repair yard, but I guess it still is a bit twitchy.

Capt. Antony and Ens. McAliber walk onto the access ramp and greet the dock deck manager on the left.

Capt. Antony: I sure am glad I'm not paying for all that fuel.

Capt. Antony notices the three nozzles attached to The Kestrel's port refueling interface. He looks further down the ramp-way access leading to the elevator access to the hangar bay floor and notices that Lt. Vanguard (VoV) is running towards him, hovering camera drone in tow. It takes no words to figure out why.

Capt. Antony looks down into the hangar bay and sees Rebel troops infiltrating the room. The hangar bay fills with the noise of blaster fire.

Capt. Antony: What about the data?

Lt. Vanguard's camera drone catches up and projects a holographic display of technical data for a huge ship along with data and intel about an exploitable weakness.

Capt. Antony: Huh? What?

Capt. Antony wonders how Lt. Vanguard came to be in possession of the vital data that the he had been waiting over 3 weeks to receive. He realizes that there is no time for explanations as Rebels are killing Federation and civilians indiscriminately in the hangar are and are making their way up to the boarding ramp access catwalk.

Capt. Antony: Quickly, it's time to go!!!

Capt. Antony accesses the computer terminal on the boarding ramp and set's the hangar doors begin it's opening sequence. Lt. Vanguard, the camera drone and Ens. McCaliber rush into the ship, but not before firing their blasters at Rebels now on the boarding ramp catwalk approaching The Kestrel. The dock deck manager gets hit in the chest with blaster fire and falls to the ground...his clipboard flying through the air and landing inside The Kestrel's port airlock. With the hangar door bays about to open after depressurizing the hangar bay, there is no time to discuss what needs to be done. When the hangar doors open, anyone alive in the hangar bay that hasn't exited the hangar, entered a ship or found a spacesuit will die upon being exposed to the vacuum of space. The Captain has a plan to rid the hangar of the Rebels.

Alarms and sirens begin to shout out within the hangar bay as the whole room depressurizes. Just in time, Capt. Antony, dives into the port airlock and slams the emergency close button on the door control panel.

Ship Computer: "Recalibrating oxygen levels in port airlock."

Capt. Antony gasps for air as the port airlock fills with air.

The port inner airlock door that automatically closed opens up. Lt. Vanguard and Ens. McAliber help the Captain to his feet.

Capt. Antony rushes to his seat in the pilots chair.

(Click on the above Image to enlarge)

The hangar doors begin to slowly open.

Lt. Vanguard (VoV) enters the 2-man cockpit with Capt. Antony to assist with getting The Kestrel ready to leave the hangar as soon as the doors open. Ens. McAliber wait's outside the cockpit area finalizing the last minute diagnostics to the weapon systems. Whatever is wrong with weapon mount B, it will have to be repaired while enroute. Lt. Vanguard has his camera drone interface with the Ship Computer's cockpit interface to secure the vital data so important to this mission. He also stows away the dock deck manager's computerized/networked clipboard that was lying on the floor inside the port airlock. It may contain some clues as to what happened leading up to the events of the Rebel infiltration of the Hangar Ship.

Capt. Antony: Ship Computer, please store and firewall protect the vital data being downloaded via the camera drone!

Ship Computer: "... Immediately Captain..."

Capt. Antony views his hack into the hangars ceiling camera as he views the hangar bay doors slowly opening sucking the dead bodies of Rebel, Federation and civilian alike.

Capt. Antony: What a mess! I hope we don't suck any of those into our engine intakes! This is when I wish I had a Defense Drone Mark I to vaporize all this debris.

Lt. Vanguard: Well, if we activate the shields now, we should be able to deflect anything that gets too close...As long as we don't run in to too many of them at once.

As soon as the hangar doors open wide enough The Kestrel leaves the Federation Hangar Ship (yet un-named), activates it's level 1 shields and uses its impulse drive to gain some distance.


Continued at: http://www.ftlgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10510#p34616


Visit http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=FTLOnline to participate!

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Re: FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

Postby Coregamer4 » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:41 am

I am very interested in joining this roleplay, it's a brilliant idea and I sure I going to enjoy it.
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Re: FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

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Coregamer4 wrote:I am very interested in joining this role-play, it's a brilliant idea and I sure I going to enjoy it.

I see you are in the #ftlgame channel. Heading over right now.
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Re: FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

Postby animandan » Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:41 am

Oh hey, so this is what you guys were talking about. I'd like to join up at some point too.
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Re: FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

Postby Antony » Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:59 am

animandan wrote:Oh hey, so this is what you guys were talking about. I'd like to join up at some point too.

We are currently working on some "mechanics logistics" to facilitate smooth, ease-of-use/viewing, and entertaining gameplay and will be back online as soon as possible. I will add you to the list above of roleplayers awaiting to join the "active crew". There is "role-playing" that can be done in the mean-time and examples of which have been mentioned in THIS thread.

I will update THIS thread when we have all "green lights" for the adventures to proceed.

UPDATE: Technical bugs have been resolved and the adventure is underway. Visit #FTLOnline to begin play!
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FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience - Turn 1

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Title: Bugs In The System!


Continued from: http://www.ftlgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10510#p34276


DMCI Interface Begin
DMCI: Turn: +1 (Turn: 1)
DMCI Interface End

(Click on the above Image to see the full image)

Lt. Vanguard: It's a good thing we got out when we did! Any later and we'd definitely have been in trouble.

Capt. Antony nods his head in agreement.

A holographic message somehow generated by the vital data now stored in the Ship Computer appears in the form of a Federation Admiral…the one that Capt. Antony met weeks ago upon his arrival.

Lt. Vanguard: We're going to have a hell of a time getting this information anywhere, though. Our ship really isn't equipped for this kind of journey. We barely even have enough fuel to make it through the next sector...

The hologram proceeds to speak: "The data you carry is vital to the remaining Federation fleet. You are our only hope! I am downloading coordinates into your Ship Computer of beacons where you can acquire additional supplies for your journey. Unfortunately, you will have to explore each sector to gain more, but be cautious!"

Lt. Vanguard: Well, that'll help, I guess. Hopefully we can find what we need.

The hologram continues: "The Rebel fleet will no doubt be in pursuit of your ship so be sure to make it to the long-range sector jump beacon before your ship is over-powered and boarded allowing the vital data you carry to fall into Rebel hands where they will use it to eliminate their exposed weakness. Many Engi lives were sacrificed in obtaining this data." The image then shows Rebels entering the room that the holo-recording took place. The Federation Admiral's body slumps on the floor as it receives blaster fire from several directions.

Capt. Antony looks at Lt. Vanguard.

Capt. Antony: How on Earth did you manage to secure the vital data within your camera drone and make it here in time?

Lt. Vanguard: I know it looks bad that I ran for it after the Rebels showed up, but the Admiral had warned me that I needed to get that recording out safely, so as soon as the Rebels appeared, I headed straight here...He also gave me the access codes we'll need if we ever get to Federation HQ, and told me not to let them fall into Rebel hands at any cost. I can only imagine the trouble they could cause with those codes. I'll upload them into the computer now that we're safely away, so we don't have to worry about losing them on the journey.

The Kestrel and crew continue to travel within the confines of this beacon.

(Click on the above image to see the full image)

The ship shudders as it is hit by a shock-wave from a distant explosion.

Capt. Antony pulls up a view of the aft camera feed and the reason becomes apparent. Evidently, the Admiral had set a fail-safe self-destruct protocol in the event that they were boarded so as to protect the vital data which now sits solely inside The Kestrel's Ship Computer. Capt. Antony accesses the Ship Computer's terminal and checks the status of all systems as they currently stand.

The screen hums to life and the ship's stats are displayed.

(Click on any of the above images to see the full image)

Capt. Antony hits a button to pull up each crew member's vitals in the computer.

Capt. Antony pulls up his own vitals.

(Click on the above image to see the full image)

Capt. Antony pulls of the vitals of Lt. Vanguard.

(Click on the above image to see the full image)

Capt. Antony pulls up the vitals of Ens. McAliber.

(Click on the above image to see the full image)

Capt. Antony pulls up the beacon map of the civilian sector in which their journey has begun.

(Click on the above image to see the full image)

The Kestrel crew travels through space considering their next course of action.

Capt. Antony examines the Dock Manager's datapad clipboard that was found on the floor in the port airlock.

Capt. Antony looks at Lt. Vanguard.

Capt. Antony: We need to know how many Rebel ships are at this beacon.

Capt. Antony docks the standard datapad clipboard into the cockpit datapad interface and has the Ship Computer extract all pertinent data. The computer begins the task of processing the information stored on the datapad. After a short while, the information that Capt. Antony was looking for begins to surface. The Hangar Ship was boarded by one Rebel ship. A Rebel Boarding ship transporting an elite Rebel boarding platoon.

Capt. Antony activates the short-range sensors and scans for any other ships at this beacon. The short-range sensors reveal nothing other than the debris of The Federation Hangar ship and the Rebel Boarding ship that came along side it to allow the elite Rebel boarding platoon to take over the ship attempting to acquire the vital data contained within. Fortunately, it was just one Rebel Boarding Ship and not the entire Rebel fleet.

Capt. Antony punches in some numbers into the computer using the data from the datapad that recorded the speed of the Rebel Boarding ship as it approached the Federation Hangar Ship.

Capt. Antony: Evidently, these Rebel ships can only move through the sector the distance of one parsec for every beacon that The Kestrel performs a “faster than light” (FTL) jump throughout this sector. We should be able to stay well ahead of them.

Capt. Antony looks at Lt. Vanguard and raises Ens. McAliber on the comm so that he can listen in.

Capt. Antony looks at the beacon map and ponders.

Capt. Antony: We have three beacons in range of an FTL jump: one at heading 085, another at 120 and...hold on a second...is that a nebula at heading 210?

Capt. Antony strokes his chin.

Capt. Antony: That is quite fascinating. Fascinating indeed. I found myself in a situation like this in the past when I was smuggling some contraband and was being pursued by a Pirate ship whose turf I was violating. I was able to lose them by jumping into a Nebula. Maybe...

Capt. Antony scratches his head as he strains to think of a great way to get a jump on the pursuing Rebel Fleet.

Capt. Antony: Surely, the nebula will affect the Rebel Fleet's sensors making it twice as difficult to trans-locate our ship's jump signatures. We could use this to our advantage so that we can explore this sector for more supplies for our mission. The downside is...

Capt. Antony gulps.

Capt. Antony: Our own sensors will be useless in the nebula.

Capt. Antony turns his attention to the power reactor display.

Capt. Antony: Hello, hello. It appears as if our reactor had been upgraded while on the Federation Hangar Ship. I came in with a standard level 5 reactor. It has been upgraded to level 8. They must have upgraded it so that we can power up the two new weapons that they installed. If only we had 1 more unit of power to fully power our level 2 engines. It will give us a 5% increase in our evasion ability boosting it from 10% to 15%. That's a 50% increase. We need to analyze what systems we are currently not using and see what we don't need powered at the moment. This sector is filled with Slavers, and who knows what else. It would be great to have as high an evade ability as possible.

Capt. Antony considers all of the options given the systems The Kestrel has along with the resources, crew and power units available. In addition, Capt. Antony considers the pros and cons of jumping into a potentially dangerous nebula leaving the ship completely without sensors.

The weight of this very important mission and the responsibility of command begin to weigh down on Capt. Antony's shoulders as he feels that all the decisions are on his shoulders.

Capt. Antony looks at Lt. Vanguard and listens on the comm device for any suggestions. The comm system hums as nothing is said by anyone.

Capt. Antony pulls up the "Captain's Log" out of total utter boredom and realizes that it needs to be updated per Galactic regulations. He looks out of the cockpit window and sees a beautiful vista of stars and a nearby planet. He updates the "Captain's Log" and uploads his datapad into the Ship Computer.

(Click on the above image to see the full image)

Capt. Antony brings The Kestrel into orbit at the planet at this beacon.

Capt. Antony: It is entirely possible that survivors made it off of the Hangar Ship via escape pods and are in need of aid on the planet where the wreckage of both the Hangar Ship and the Rebel Boarder ship crashed. At the very least, we may be able to find either ship's "flight recorder" and/or computer core. Either could give us some valuable information regarding what happened moments before the boarding incident. Lt. Vanguard, Ens. McAliber, let's take a trip down to the surface in Shuttle #1. I’ve been dying to take it for a spin since its sub-light engines were upgraded.

Capt. Antony, Lt. Vanguard and Ens. McAliber head down to the Lower "Cargo" Deck of The Kestrel and gain access to the vehicle hangar bay. The crew gain access to Shuttle #1 and begin the pre-flight checklists and power-up the shuttle. All set to leave, Capt. Antony hits a button in the shuttle cockpit that begins to depressurize the vehicle bay and open The Kestrel’s aft doors. The extendable aft ramp extends partway in order to make for easier shuttle egress and ingress. Shuttle #1 leaves The Kestrel and begins its descent to the planet's surface. The computer on Shuttle #1 and The Kestrel's Ship Computer stay connected.

Capt. Antony hails The Kestrel's Ship Computer.

Capt. Antony: Ship Computer, please run an orbital scan for life form signatures on the planet surface.

The Kestrel's Ship Computer acknowledges the request and begins scanning while in orbit.

Ens. McAliber: Do you think there's a good chance we'll find anything down there? That self-destruct sequence looked pretty final...

Capt. Antony: Lt. Vanguard, what do our shuttle sensors show? Are we anywhere near the debris field?

Lt. Vanguard: It looks like we'll be coming down a little east of the main wreckage, but that's probably a good thing. Most of the terrain looks pretty rough over there.

Capt. Antony: I agree. This may be just a waste of shuttle fuel.

Ens. McAliber: I just hope nothing else goes wrong.

Capt. Antony pulls up a readout transmitted to the shuttle by The Kestrel’s Ship Computer. Its orbital scans have come back. No life-forms detected. Also reported is an extreme amount of interference from an unknown source.

Capt. Antony: So it seems nobody managed to escape.

The shuttle lands smoothly on a piece of flat land between two enormous struts which were torn loose from one of the ships above.

Capt. Antony checks the shuttle's read-outs in regards to the outside atmosphere.

Lt. Vanguard: So it would appear. I guess we should take a look though, to be sure…especially with all of this interference.

Capt. Antony: The flight recorders of either ship should have transponders. We're going to need suits and scanning equipment.

Ens. McAliber: The atmosphere's bad, I take it. Alright then. Hopefully this will be a short walk then...

Capt. Antony, Lt. Vanguard and Ens. McAliber jump into space-suits and exit the shuttle with scanning gear. Each grab a blaster from the shuttle armory closet...just in case.

Capt. Antony: These suits have limited air. We need to make sure that we recharge them after each use. We could have had more exploration time out here if they were all fully charged; however, the invasion of the Hangar ship interrupted that. It’s great, though, that all of the suits aboard the shuttle equalize their rate of charge such that they all have the same quantity of life support. I will set my suit alarm to go off slightly before the point-of-no-return.

The landscape as far as can be seen is tangled with smoldering wreckage.

Capt. Antony activates his suit comm.

Lt. Vanguard, Ens. McAliber and Capt. Antony start to move through the debris field looking for any sign of something useful. The scanner doesn't seem to be responding.

Capt. Antony: Lt. Vanguard, Ens. McAliber.do you read me?

Lt. Vanguard: There's a bit of static, but I can hear you alright.

Ens. McAliber: Catching a bit of static here too. Not too bad, though.

Lt. Vanguard: Might have something to do with the remnants of the Hangar Ship’s detonated drive-core nearby...That must have thrown out all kinds of interference.

Capt. Antony: Let's set our suit cameras to "record mode" just in case we miss anything. Ship Computer, do you copy?

Ship Computer: "Yes, Captain. Video and audio link has been established and both are being recorded."

Ens. McAliber: Well, sure. But from what I'm seeing there's not much to miss...

Lt. Vanguard: I just thought of something. Do you think the interference might have messed with the scans we did on the way down? I'd hate to be walking into a mess without knowing it.

Capt. Antony: What are you thinking we'll run into?

Ens. McAliber: Indigenous life perhaps?

Lt. Vanguard: Well I have no idea, but a wreck like this could bring all kinds of scavengers….

Capt. Antony: Ship Computer! Activate short-range sensors and keep me notified if any Pirates or other ships enter orbit.

Ship Computer: "Yes, Captain."

Lt. Vanguard: Even if no one survived, there might be some kind of carnivores coming to clean up the dead, as well. Keep alert is all I'm saying...

Capt. Antony and Ens. McAliber (in unison): Acknowledged.

Capt. Antony, Lt. Vanguard and Ens. McAliber enter deeper into the debris field.

Capt. Antony: My suit scanner is picking up multiple faint life signatures ahead due East/North-East approximately 3 clicks away as well as one behind us.

Lt. Vanguard: That...is worrying. That could be something coming between us and our shuttle.

Ens. McAliber: Or even just heading to our shuttle.

Capt. Antony: The signals are relatively stationary.

Lt. Vanguard: That makes things a little less worrying, at least. We'd better check it out though, if that's all we've got.

Ens. McAliber: From the looks of things in this mess, I'd be stunned if anything survived.

Capt. Antony: I’m picking up a very large signal ahead. It could be one of the two ship’s flight recorders...

Capt. Antony, Lt. Vanguard and Ens. McAliber continue travelling East/North-East towards the signal. The three men come upon the source of the signal.

Lt. Vanguard: How's the signal looking now, Captain?

Capt. Antony (yelling through the increased static): We're on top of it!

Ens. McAliber: Well, what do you know.

Lt. Vanguard: I guess we were closer than I thought!

Capt. Antony: It's giving off a lot of interference to our comm and scanning units.

Lt. Vanguard: Doesn't sound like a flight recorder, if it's doing that...Although, with what it has been through, who am I to judge? What's your call, Captain?

Suddenly from the three men's right, a gigantic worm with a large toothy maw erupts from the ground and lunges towards them. Rock and earth fly everywhere.

Capt. Antony: Run!!!!

Ens. McAliber (whilst running): Oh fantastic! Time to see how fast we can move in these stinking suits!

Lt. Vanguard: Over there! There's a cave within that rock outcropping!

Capt. Antony, Lt. Vanguard and Ens. McAliber briskly enter the cave. Lt. Vanguard leans against the wall, catching his breath. Ens. McAliber checks his space-suit for any signs of damage. Capt. Antony feels as if he has lost something.

It doesn't take long to figure out that they are not alone.

Ens. McAliber: I hope there's...nothing nastier...in here.

From the shadows...a Rebel emerges in his space-suit with blaster in hand.

Capt. Antony: Oh, crap!

Lt. Vanguard mutters "Of course" under his breath.

Capt. Antony: That must have been his escape-pod signal that we were detecting….probably inside the stomach of that huge thing outside.

Capt. Antony reaches down to his belt searching for his blaster. He finds nothing.

Capt. Antony: Dammit! I lost my blaster!

Lt. Vanguard: You must have dropped it during the mad dash to this cave...I suspect it's probably in the stomach of that vile worm also.

Lt. Vanguard tosses his blaster to the Captain, who is closer to the Rebel. Capt. Antony notices that the Rebel is gasping for air.

Ens. McAliber: Maybe we won't need a blaster after all. His suit must be damaged...

Capt. Antony: We don't have enough reserves to even attempt to help him AND make it back to the shuttle.

The Rebel falls to his knees dropping his blaster in front of him.

Lt. Vanguard: I don't think these suits were designed with sprinting in mind...

Ens. McAliber: ...And I'm not sure we'd want to help him anyway. Who knows what he'd do?

Capt. Antony: Suffocation is no way to die!

Ens. McAliber: Agreed. Shall we put him out of his misery?

Lt. Vanguard: Being put down now would be better than the suffocation and atmospheric poisoning that he must be currently suffering. I might not want to save him, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone...

Capt. Antony blasts the Rebel's space-suit helmet shattering the glass and melting it to the occupant's face. He checks his scanner for any life-signs.

Capt. Antony: That appears to have done it.

Ens. McAliber: I never get used to how..."effective" those things are at close range. Ugh.

Capt. Antony: Nasty bit of business, that. Poor sod!

Lt. Vanguard: Well, I don't think we're in any state to keep looking through the wreckage at this point.

A beep in the Captain's suit signals that they must head back now to the shuttle before the suit runs out of air.

Ens. McAliber: Yeah, what with the state of our suits and that worm outside.

Lt. Vanguard: Exactly. Perfect timing, suit "Point of No Return" alarm. Mine just went off too.

Capt. Antony: Maybe we can distract the worm using the body...

Lt. Vanguard: Either way I'll need a blaster back. Do you want to keep mine or take the Rebel's?

Capt. Antony tosses Lt. Vanguard's blaster back to him.

Capt. Antony: Here's yours.

Capt. Antony takes a liking to the Rebel blaster and is amazed that it fits perfectly in his holster.

Capt. Antony and Lt. Vanguard drag the dead Rebel outside the cave while Ens. McAliber keeps watch.

With the body just outside the cave mouth, the three men make a dash back to the shuttle. The earth rumbles beneath them along the way.

Capt. Antony: Just in time!

Capt. Antony, Lt. Vanguard and Ens. McAliber dive into the shuttle and close the shuttle hatch. Capt. Antony dives for the controls to take off. As they lift off, the worm bursts from the ground beneath them, missing them by seconds.

Capt. Antony: Phew!

Lt. Vanguard: I'd be quite happy not meeting any more giant worms for a while.

Capt. Antony and Ens. McAliber both nod in acknowledgement.

Shuttle #1 docks with The Kestrel.

Ens. McAliber: Thankfully the shuttle has docking auto-pilot and can reverse itself back into position with ease.

Lt. Vanguard: We're lucky we got out of there as cleanly as we did.

Capt. Antony: Yes….extremely.

The three men exit their suits, set them to recharge and exit the shuttle after the vehicle bay re-pressurizes. Capt. Antony grabs his memento from the adventure, the superior in design and power Rebel blaster, and keeps it in his holster.

Lt. Vanguard: I say we just plot our next course and get as far from this accursed rock as we can.

Capt. Antony: Agreed.

Capt. Antony, Lt. Vanguard and Ens. McAliber exit the shuttle and head up to The Kestrel's cockpit. Capt. Antony, again, pulls up the beacon map for this sector.

Click the above image to see the entire image.

Lt. Vanguard: I'd advise against heading into the nebula, Captain. An ion storm would be a seriously bad thing to hit right now...Especially with so much debris from the detonation still nearby.

Capt. Antony: Sounds good to me.

Lt. Vanguard: Wouldn't want to run into anything else unprepared.

Capt. Antony: OK.

Lt. Vanguard and Ens. McAliber head to their assigned stations to prepare for whatever lies at the next beacon.

Capt. Antony: Ens. McAliber, how do we sit with our new weapons?

Ens. McAliber: Charging them up now, Captain.

Capt. Antony diverts power from Med Bay to Engines and activates the navigation computer to jump to the beacon at bearing 120.

Capt. Antony: Here we go!!!!

The Kestrel get's ready for it's very first FTL jump after being refitted from a smuggling transport ship to a well-armed combat vessel.

Click the above image to see the entire image.

DMCI Interface Begin
DMCI: Crew#1|Shuttle: +1 (Crew#1|Shuttle: 1)
DMCI: Crew#1|Away Team / Rescue: +1 (Crew#1|Away Team / Rescue: 1)
DMCI: Crew#2|Shuttle: +1 (Crew#2|Shuttle: 1)
DMCI: Crew#2|Away Team / Rescue: +1 (Crew#2|Away Team / Rescue: 1)
DMCI: Crew#3|Shuttle: +1 (Crew#3|Shuttle: 1)
DMCI: Crew#3|Away Team / Rescue: +1 (Crew#3|Away Team / Rescue: 1)
DMCI Interface End


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FTL Online: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience - Turn 2

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Title: Rock and Roll!


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DMCI Interface Begin
DMCI: Turn: +1 (Turn: 2)
DMCI: Fuel: -1 (Fuel: 15)
DMCI Interface End

Click the above image to see the entire image.

Capt. Antony: Scanners are picking up a large asteroid field nearby.

Ens. McAliber: Sure looks like a mess out there Captain! From one debris field to another!

Capt. Antony: We might be able to find some useful materials in there.

Lt. Vanguard: I'm not sure if the shields can handle it, but we might be able to gather some good stuff in there, yeah. I think we should go for it. It would give me a chance to see how the shields handle under pressure, at least.

Capt. Antony turns The Kestrel into the direction of the large asteroid field.

Click the above image to see the entire image.

Capt. Antony: The scanners are picking up a number of asteroids that seem to have useful compositions.

Ens. McAliber: I think it's safe enough to extract what we can.

Lt. Vanguard: Nice piloting, Captain! Looks like we steered clear of the worst of the rocky debris. The shields are holding up against the light pattering that we're taking.

The Kestrel acquires 4 units of fuel.

Lt. Vanguard: We should probably keep moving though…otherwise the asteroid field might get a bit denser where we are and we might not be so lucky.

Capt. Antony pulls up the beacon map.

Click the above image to see the entire image.

Capt. Antony: It seems that we have 5 possible beacons in range of an FTL jump, Lt. Vanguard.

Lt. Vanguard: Maybe we should head to the sector's south, then circle back around to the north. We could try to cover the north eastern quadrant a bit more heavily after heading south. You're the pilot, but that's my two cents.

Capt. Antony: I agree, I think we can see what’s around heading 190 due south...then we can head north east if we find nothing interesting...

Capt. Antony checks to verify that the FTL engine has fully recharged. Having confirmed that he plots in a course of 190.

Click the above image to see the entire image.

The Kestrel jumps!

DMCI Interface Begin
DMCI: Fuel: +4 (Fuel: 19)
DMCI Interface End


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