First Time Heroic Adventure

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First Time Heroic Adventure

Postby embracethe12 » Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:55 pm

so i went my first space adventure today with my friends kilo and brendan, fellow zoltans. Our mission was to deliver vital information on the rebel flag ship to the federation in sector 8 on the other side of the galaxy. after demolishing weaker ships with our sick laser guns, we came across engi derek thus creating the dream team. i was the gunner, kilo handled the engines, captain brendan worked magic shields, and our engi derek piloted the ship and could fix the o2 bay in 3 seconds.

Later we encountered a slave ship and rescued a rockman named vivimord. he didn't talk much, but he had gentle eyes; the kind of eyes ready to get in the fire for everyone else. After a couple more encounters, our scanners picked up a distress signal in the top quadrant of sector 3, little did we know what awaited us. upon boarding the ship, a swarm of giant alien spiders attacked without warning. with our feeble zoltan bodies, try as we might, we could not defeat the wretched eight legged beast-demons. they let out a fearsome roar which drove our warn out bodies to unconsciousness.

as we awoke we found ourselves back in our humble abode. Was it all a dream? Nay; a terrible nightmare. One of our crew was missing. Vivimord, the rockman slave warrior-hero. but where was he? We looked out the window to see the crushed remains of the alien infested ship drifting off into the distance. Vivimord knew what he was doing. Vivimord gave his life so that we may all live. and so, for 5 minutes, we all solemnly acknowledged his sacrifice. a single sizzling tear slowly crackled down brendans electric cheek. "Never again," he thought, "Giant alien spiders are no joke."

In a rage, we took up arms against slave traders in general, squashing any slaver scum coming our way. In this way, we obtained 2 filthy, worthless humans Graffin and Kerpalka, but we weren't ones to judge, for it had become a lonely vessel; and even these grotesque, fleshy faces were better than none at all. Having better things to attend to, engi derek allows the dirty ape Graffin to pilot the Counellor, our ship. At first, the blunderous lowbrowed mouthbreather was all thumbs with the controls, however he knew he just had to believe. Kerpalka however had an attitude and licked the various rooms in the ship. Attended to all but was good at none.

As we entered sector 5, the engi homeworld, we were randomly boarded by a young mantis draped in tattered prisoner clothing. He pleads with us to save him from an engi ship. The engis claim him to be a fugitive and demand that we relinquish control of him. "Nay," says Brendan as he looked at the mantis' tiny legs, "I can sense a good soul in this mantis." The engis did not respond positively. A barrage of drones and lasers bombarded the Counellor, and after an intense roundabout we managed to down the giant steel bagel shaped battlecruiser of power. Truly we had found a powerful ally as well as final member of our motley crew. Stely, our new mantis pal, volunteered to gaze at the cameras all day, as well as discharge venomous bolts of acid at enemies attempting to commandeer our ship. Ultimately a strong crew to exit sector 5 with.

We breeze through sector 6, easily disposing of fleets of automated drones and belligerent rock soldiers, and we felt sector 7 would be no different. Spirits were high, and Steven's aim was starting to click with Graffin's reckless almost animal-like flying style. However, sector 7 was the mantis homeworld and we soon found ourselves boarding by a thousand mantis carvers. we were able to hold off the fleet invasion, but it left the entire mid section of the ship crippled and without oxygen. while everyone was in the systems rooms repairing damages, hosing down fires, and clinging onto to dear life at below 25% hp, graffin was grunting to himself in the medbay next to the cockpit instinctively charging into the oxygen control room where he found a breach in the wall and systems offline. He clumsily glued together the hole in the oxygen room. coming out gasping for air, he caught his breath in the medbay. Vital minutes were passing him and the crew by. Derek attempted to make it to the o2 room, but with seven rooms without oxygen and fires abound, his efforts were fruitless. We desperately fired commands at the hideous oaf hoping he would somehow interpret our desperation as a call for help. And luckily for us, he returned to the oxygen room finishing the repairs just in the nick of time. blue faced he returned to the medbay a hero, loudly enjoying the air. Brendan was right, not all humans were worthless wastes of space.

Reaching sector 8, we were greeted by a fleet of federation ships. We rushingly told the federation all the weak points in the armada flag ship, and in return they entrusted the duty of disposing this monstrous threat to the dream team. To reach the enemy flagship we would have to force encounters with the armada. On our sensors we detected a humungous disturbance that we knew had to be none other than the dreaded flagship. but While approaching the flagships location, we came across an unspectactularly looking automated space craft attacking a federation station. Hoping to win the favor of the federation, Brendan ordered an attack, but the automated ship vanished from sight. Confused and bewildered, we all felt the pounding of bullets from every direction. Reappearing every so often but only as a blur, the automated ship dodged all of our most fearsome weapons. What should have been an easy battle, turned into a desperate struggle for our lives. We eventually emerged victorious, but Brendans confidence was shot. The first enemy in sector 8 had handed us our asses, and with the flagship on the horizon, the horrible reality of the situation was becoming more concrete.

Final battle. For all of the space marbles. Flagship versus dreamteam. A bloody battle, a storm of bullets, and a torrent of lasers flew as each ship pulled out all the stops to crush one another. Droid shells littered the spacescape, and not for 1 minute did dereks 2 star hands stop repairing. Suddenly the zoltan blood ran so hot that we poured our energy into the flaming V, our secret attack which could cut a hole through three planets. As we charged our laser, we could almost hear vivimords gentle clunking as he often did during breakfast hour. This time a chorus of screams erupted across the ship. Even Skely, felt a bond to the powerful memory of the rocklike giant. And in a huge flash of light, the battle was won. "We couldn't have done it without you Vivimord," thought Brendan. And we all could feel Vivimord's gentle blue eyes, looking up at us from hell. Our duty done, we were entered into the hangar archives. We were so tired. we had been run so ragged. Even Skely had to rest before raping and pillaging an innocent village nearby. "That's Skely," we chuckled to ourselves as the credits rolled. Graffin, who had proven himself at the last moment, was given a huge severance check and asked to move into a different sector. Kerpalka was just killed to have his remains fired out of a cannon into the sun. The core of the dream team opened up a successful framing shop for picture frames. And thus was the end of the adventure.
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Re: First Time Heroic Adventure

Postby UltraMantis » Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:16 pm

Nice read and a nice win. Welcome to the forum. :)

In a recent game, i had also picked up a Rock named Vivimord. In a further twist of fate his death was also heroic, but unfortunately was followed by other crew tragically and heroically joining him. A series life support and medbay failures resulted in a lifeless hulk of a ship being left to wander for eternity, surrounded by the debris of a defeated pirate ship.
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