The Vortex[tips]

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Re: The Vortex[tips]

Postby FDru » Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:23 pm

spacecadet13 wrote:How is an unmanned engine a significant drawback at the start? Putting a crewman on the engine for any ship at the start only makes 5% difference to a puny dodge ability.

How is losing 5% dodge not a significant drawback? Crew on engine also max out in skill very fast, so it's effectively 10% dodge you're losing. For most ships, that is half of their total dodge rate already.

-10% evade is a really big deal early game.
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Re: The Vortex[tips]

Postby spacecadet13 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:38 am

Sure, ideally you want the engine manned, but the difference in 25% vs 20% dodge is hardly a gamebreaker, especially if you grab a D drone and/or 2 level shields asap. and it takes several sectors before your pilot and engine guy get to the first level up, so if its dodge you want its faster and easier just to upgrade the engine.
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Re: The Vortex[tips]

Postby afedyuki » Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:00 pm

Darkelve wrote:This way you could employ a strategy like the following:
- open all airlocks and doors, except for the helm room
- when boarded, activate an anti-personnel drone. The lack of oxygen should help even out the fight.

Tried this last night. When boarded turn off life support and close all the blast doors -- death trap as most of your ship is already depressurized. Works very well, actually. Not having to worry about boarders or fires definitely made me like this ship lot more. Oh yeah, if they teleport into cockpit, simply open the doors to depressurize it and run to med bay (having autopilot is a good idea).
the truthseeker
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Tips I Use

Postby the truthseeker » Tue May 07, 2013 6:42 am

Some of these have been posted elsewhere or other sites but they are not only tried and true, but used by me for constant victory. Mind you, luck still plays a factor in the early first sector as not only are you alone, and an Engi when it comes to things with boarding (even with the Anti-Personnel drone,) you have only ONE engine bar which makes your HELMED cockpit only 10% to start.

  • When starting, vent ALL the rooms of atmosphere EXCEPT your Cockpit, the med-bay and the adjacent exit room connecting the two. Or even consider leaving the med-bay oxygen-less, as if you immediately run to it with it active, you will be kept alive until you can close it off and it refills with O2.. Different people use different tactics here. No matter what, never be afraid to be a coward and just run to the med-bay if you have to.

  • Get level two shields immediately (50 scrap.) Don't worry about the additional power bars immediately, that's taken care of from the system repair/AP drones which don't need to be on 24/7. While you continue to use them (if you decide to do so,) they don't need to be on all the time and power juggling (even if earlier than some are used to sometimes,) works very well here.

  • Get improved engines ASAP. You (again) start with ONE bar and with only a (starting untrained) pilot that's a meager 10%. I recommend an immediate minimum of 3 bars like most basic ships, since you're alone and don't have another crew-member.

  • While you may have those two repair drones and the AP drone, they will often go their own "stupid AI route" if you have multiple hit system/boarders. That's while it's important to do the above steps ASAP. However, while turning them off and on again won't help if you "reset" them, it WILL if you need them to stop heading back to the bay and face a new/additional issue. THEN turning them off and on MAY work with the repair drones and AP Drones.

  • Like Shields and engines SERIOUSLY consider getting a defense drone ASAP. However, missiles are the sector one bane of most ships so treat this like other games with remembering you start with ONE engine bar....

  • Get doors as fast as you can, after the shields and engines....and maybe a defense drone.
    Also consider one bar in pilot to stop it from instantly going offline as well as those emergency times you have to run elsewhere (like the med-bay when boarded in the cockpit.) Even with the AP drone, and that speed boost, it's slow in responding and (even in a vacuum) the enemy could destroy a system before dying/running to the Cockpit/med-bay if not already there...again, even when in a vacuum. I've even seen boarders run to the airless drone room just to attack my system repair drones (poor defenseless lil' things *sniff*) in an absolute vacuum...and ignore me my cockpit, my approaching AP drone (as it has to turn around and go back to the bay as they ignored it going to where they beamed in) and/or the med-bay. Never underestimate the insanity of the AI.

  • Once you focused on getting shields ASAP to two bubbles or more (hopefully immediately in sector 1 using the re-purposed power from the drone area,) consider "training up" if you find any ships that are meant to only hit weaker shielded ships. It is essentially vital when you're the only independently thinking crew to be as versatile as possible, especially if you might need to switch positions as you (hopefully) get more crew. Personally, I find the "dread pirate Tuco" in the early sectors is often underpowered (especially when in that slug interceptor) when it comes to weapon load-out, (and if in that detached o2 ship you can even set up a "kill the crew" when done "training." I find first dodging to gold status for the pilot is best and if you took that autopilot option, you can even do it in engines...another reason having more than ONE engine bar (and 10% dodge) helps here for pilot (and possibly even engines.) Next, I use ONLY the heavy laser with their one shield bubble do something else, come back when done, and then go to shields and do the same. This is where one makes their sandwich and such. Doing this has saved my bacon many times between a hit and a miss/shield absorbed. It also means when you get more crew you can leave the cockpit and go elsewhere with other stations instantly. However, if you just don't have the patience, this can be done when you have (only) a second crew-member. Again, if you have the patience (and updated those engines,) you can cross-train them too in pilot/engines weapons/shields to gold level.

  • Once you're out of the shields/engines/skill crisis, focus on (whatever comes up first,) Weapons/L2 (or even L3) Med-bay/L1 Teleporter. The latter can offer blue events that automatically give you a crew (but only a l3 Medbay can save an infected crew-member, but you're not being silly and doing events that instantly kill a crew-member with one crew, right? See later below.)

    However-especially in sector one-If you see a shop, and they have ANY other weapons/offensive drones you can afford to buy, you MIGHT want to risk buying it if it's low powered enough, if you think you can survive long enough even before shields/engines if need be. Why?

  • You MUST replace or augment your starting weapon load-out ASAP (by or in Sector 3) or use some other method (like teleporter if you finally have more than one crew-member or attack/boarding drones if you don't.) The weapon load-out you have JUST BARELY allows you to lower one level of shield bubble and hit twice with a heavy laser (assuming you even hit twice.) At the very beginning, it is IMPOSSIBLE to pierce even one shield bubble without that heavy ion weapon. if you happen to have a two shield bubble enemy, you CANNOT damage the ship with these weapons. Even a "Lowly" burst laser Mark I fires TWO shots and can do better paired with another weapon. Fortunately, you have three weapon slots, so that is feasible or easily upgradable with simply one more weapon slot upgrade. If one of these options isn't given to you in victory or a random event, start looking for stores as the TOP priority for this, or you'll have to run away from two shield bubble combats until you get this resolved.

  • DO NOT do events that automatically kill a crew member. Know your path choice options before playing this type of ship or select at your own risk. This includes exploring nebula, abandoned stations, fighting alien spiders (like an Engi would want to do that anyway...)stopping infected riots, looking into the Zoltan Monolith eye, etc. This also goes for risky combats that can often send (especially if automatically) a large number (more than 3 to be sure,) of boarders. The EXCEPTION to risking your life (especially when they demand you surrender "one crew-member" anyway,) is slavers. It's VERY worthwhile fighting these ships (even at risk if you think you can take it to low health) to have them surrender a crew-member.

  • You FINALLY got that second crew-member? Consider keeping the rest of the uncrewed ship in vacuum still besides medbay like before. It will help you stay at your post and with those l2 blast/fire doors (you DID buy them to keep boarders and fire at bay as suggested right,) you have time to react if needed or just wait for the hazard on your ship to "go away" when they are already vented and oxygen-less. When you get to three or more crew, the layout means too many other rooms are by association atmosphered so this tactic doesn't work.

  • Until you have more than yourself (or sometimes even two crew,) consider keeping the drones (or at LEAST one repair drone and AP drone) and the faster movement. If you're keeping almost all the ship without O2, this means if you didn't having to wait for it to refill. Even if you choose to keep rooms filled, you WILL lose evasion if you leave the cockpit to take care of repairs and relying on those drones means you REALLY want them to hurry the *bleep* up!
    Once you have two to three crew (including yourself especially since you are an Engi) DO sell that speed augment and possibly one or both of the repair drones (depending on what crew you have...keep one temporarily if your buddy is a mantis :) , especially if you two are it and you two are manning the Cockpit and engines. )

  • Consider upping your drone slots to at least four or more, as it's already installed and updated to three slots, and most items to run simultaneously use two slots apiece. Again, you don't need to always have them running and power juggling is your friend, but have it so you will eventually be able to power four slots (or more,) there. Mark II drones are a godsend when you're alone or only at two crew with this ship Anyway, who DOESN'T like more Dakka/Pew Pew Pew?

  • Assuming you not only survived sector one, but upgraded your shields, engines, possibly your drones and got working new/additional weapons/offensive drones and (hopefully) more crew, congratulations--you have accomplished one of the most difficult resource management tasks of the game! Treat the rest of the game like you have the Engi type A load-out with the weapons/drones you currently you have (and no med-bot augment.)

  • If still low on crew and/or offensive/defensive power by sector 3 or later, there's nothing wrong with continuing to focus on more shields/engines and/or getting that cloaking so you will live longer. It's when you think you're safe in ANY game of FTL and "relax" when you tend to make the most mistakes. Of all the resistance fighters against the Rebels, you're the "Poindexter" so fighting is literally twice as hard for your kind. It's not paranoia hen they ARE out to get you and you don't fight as well as others and have a repair/anti boarder setup instead of a turtle/hawk layout ship.

Really, the Vortex/Engi B isn't that hard compared to other things. A shieldless Stealth run? Now THAT'S hard :)

--the truthseeker
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Postby featherwings » Wed May 08, 2013 11:17 am

Just a reminder that you can position both system repair drones and anti-personnel drones by turning them off when they're traveling through the room you want them to stop at. As soon as they lose power, they stop moving. With two system repairs, you can leave them at opposite ends of your ship; and you can park the anti-personnel drone in your cockpit for when they beam right into it.

The downside is they won't heal, but if it's just got most of its health left on it it might be better than letting your poor captain get wailed on.
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Re: The Vortex[tips]

Postby kktk » Thu May 16, 2013 8:25 pm

Vortex is still 10x easier than that mess called Stealth B... Don't know how many resets due to meeting drone ships in sector 1 and/or zoltan shields
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Re: The Vortex[tips]

Postby 966socho » Fri May 17, 2013 6:01 am

Stealth B and Engi B are entirely different beasts. While piloting the DA-SR 12, you know you can win (or if you must run); you just rely on the AI not sniping your Weapons and Cloak at the same time. OTOH, you just feel like you're under-powered with the Engi B the entire run.
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Re: The Vortex[tips]

Postby Pyronic » Fri May 17, 2013 7:16 pm

I disagree. The Vortex is leagues better than the piece of trash that is the DA-SR12. With the Vortex I feel like I'm getting stronger over time - collecting more crew, selling the crappy drones and getting better stuff, actually making use of those drones in my depressurized ship until that happens. The weapons can with a little luck prevent enemy ships from mauling you, and if you can get more ions and an attack drone you can at least pretend you're in The Torus.

When piloting the DA-SR12 you know you're screwed when a beam drone appears, or even an attack drone, or a Zoltan shielded ship with any reasonable armament, or a Mantis boarding party, or a lucky hit through your cloak. With that ship I just feel like I'm on a slow decline to eventual death. Sure you can run but running will starve you of scrap and fuel until you can run no longer and die. And sometimes you can't even run because your helm or engines get taken out. And why the heck does it start with level 2 sensors? Usually I only get level 2 sensors on a boarding ship, or as a luxury item in sector 5-7 for an attack ship. Its blue options are also redundant with long-range scanners. I'd gladly trade that extra sensor for an extra level in engines, maybe an extra power bar, or perhaps titanium systems casing even. The DA-SR12 on Normal is the game's Hard mode.
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Re: The Vortex[tips]

Postby Cragspyder » Sun Jun 16, 2013 12:18 am

I was going to post my tips for the Vortex here, but I think the_truthseeker covered everything possible. :)

Vortex is a tough ship to win with. One plus is that you get lots of blue options: Engi Crew, System Repair, Ion Weapon, and Anti-Personnel Drone all provide blue text at events.

You need to memorize and avoid crew loss events that you don't have blue options for. Zoltan Mystic, contaminated space station, Mantis escape pod, Charlie, etc. Level 2 medbay can avoid a lot of these but you need the scrap for other stuff.

Drone Control is the most useful subsystem IMO so starting with one is a huge benefit. I actually think the best part of the Basilisk (Mantis B) is not the Teleporter but the starting Defense Drone. If the Vortex can get an early Defense Drone or Anti-Ship I, it will go a long way.

Upgrade Shields to level 2 and Engines to 3 ASAP so you can live to visit more beacons. The longer you live, the more chances you have for blue events and random scrap/augments/weapons.

Prefer Engi sectors always.

Sell your Drone Reactor Booster and the extra System Repair drone if you need to.

Good luck! You'll need it!
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Re: The Vortex[tips]

Postby judicatordex » Thu Oct 13, 2016 5:00 pm

Hi Guys - new to the forum, not new to FTL. Pretty addicted to this badboy. :)

Okay, this shit is the hardest, unless you're lucky. 1 crew member, no sensors, no doors, small rooms (weapons and shields only 2!)...but there are advantages. Sell the drone reactor asap - it's useless.

FTL is a gamblers game. Buying certain options increases the odds of blue options - this ship has plenty. Both drones give plenty of options, ion weapon as well. Heavy laser my fav weapon in ftl...breach, fire...amazing.

This ship lacks offence, so get a combat drone asap. The quick recharge on the green laser is great with a combat drone. Then get shields and med bay asap. Man up and man your weapons - attack is the best defense.

Try get lanius and slugs - slug pilot can't be mind controlled and lanius loves vacuums.

IMO this ship is a teleporter. get shields and defense drone, and use boarding. Mind control also shines - when an enemy boards you, use him to man your systems, and suffocate.

Good luck guys - this is the hardest ship, but my fav. I love a challenge - this is the ultimate challenge.


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