What are your favorite upgrades / augmentations? [SPOILERS]

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Re: What are your favorite upgrades / augmentations? [SPOILE

Postby MBz » Sat Feb 02, 2013 9:09 pm

Long ranged scanners - picking your fights is invaluable, knowledge is power and all that.

Secondly, when it occurs, stealth weapons, cloak level 3 and an Ion Blast mk II. Anything bolted onto that is just dandy.

Finally, the 4 man teleporter on certain ships. I don't need to explain why.
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Re: What are your favorite upgrades / augmentations? [SPOILE

Postby Fluffywolf » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:18 am

Pre-igniter, two Burst laser mark II and two pike or hull beams (I find both are equally good, although with hull beams I tend to focus more on empty rooms where-as with pike beams I focus on the rooms that matter, so in that sence pike is probably better).

The burst lasers get through the shields pretty much every time, and the beams wreak havoc in terms of hull damage! If the burst lasers dont get through the shields on the first volley, save the beam cooldowns and use a Cloak to get your burst laser cd's up again. If you still don't succeed the second volley you just have bad luck. This set up can destroy any ship before you get trouble and also makes the boss battle pretty easy. :D

I also once had four ion burst weapons which was pretty fun.


I haven't had the pleasure of finding the right weapons to try this out, but I think three ion Blast I's and one Ion Blast II with two defense MKII drones on the zoltan ship would be pretty fun as well. With Pre-igniter + Drone Recovery Arm and Zoltan Shield as augmentations.

I mean to try this out but I never find the right stuff. :P

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