Zoltan A

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Zoltan A

Postby Delthion » Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:30 am


I am new to this forum, but it has already helped me understand FTL quite a bit. I was posting this to ask for some help with the Zoltan A, I am a "newbie" to this game, in that, despite playing for several months, I have never gotten past the second boss phase, while beating the first phase only once. I have read everything that I can about what to do system-wise (5th Horseman's power guide thingy was especially helpful) but I am still unable to get past even the first phase of the rebel flagship. Any suggestions?
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Re: Zoltan A

Postby lirtosiast » Sat Sep 22, 2018 9:32 am

I suppose the first question is: how are you losing? If you're getting to the flagship with 4 shields, 5 engines, cloaking, another system, and most importantly a strong weapons setup (something to get through 4 shields plus deal decent damage without using missiles), but still mostly losing to phase 1, your mistakes are in the flagship fight itself. If you don't have enough scrap for that you should gather more scrap, which is not difficult on Easy-- buy Long Range Scanners, go to ship fights and distress beacons. If your weapons aren't strong enough, go to more stores in search of strong weapons like Burst Laser II, Flak I, Halberd Beam. You should usually have 7-8 power in weapons for a 4 weapon slot ship. If you're dying before getting to sector 8, there are other strategies to improve survivability.

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