Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby offsides » Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:36 pm

I think the one thing that would make this particular unlock a LOT less aggrivating would be showing what ALL the sectors on the sector map are, and not just the ones that you can jump to next. That would let you decide a) whether there's even a possible path to get the Crystal ship, and b) as you go you can decide whether or not to even attempt it, or to just attempt other things. This would also help with attempting some of the other ship unlocks, as you would know how long you had to get certain things in order (particular crew types, systems to the right level, etc) before there was no point in trying for that particular unlock anymore. I'm hoping that this time will be the winner, but while I got the pod there was no Zoltan even in the Engi sector so my possibilities just dropped a bunch...
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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby Agent_L » Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:04 pm

offsides wrote:I think the one thing that would make this particular unlock a LOT less aggrivating would be showing what ALL the sectors on the sector map are, and not just the ones that you can jump to next.
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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby Glenrothes » Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:17 pm

canman wrote:took me about two hours using the following method

I wish I could report the same result. I've tried to grind this for a few hours with no success. I did get the preferred map one time but alas my luck was against me and I was killed before I got too far. I wouldn't have minded so much but up until a point my luck was really with me and I simply found a lot of stuff that was going to lead to a total beast of a ship that would have slain all before it. I had found an Ion Blast II (cooldown is 4 seconds) a Halbard beam and a pre-ignitor systems. So if I could have only had another 25 scrap to upgrade my systems and I would have been able to jump into a sector, drop the shields on a hostile ship with the Ion blast, but a severe dent in any system I care to with the halbard beam and after that it would have gone from bad to dead for them. I felt CRUELLY cheated when I didn't have the scrap for upgrade, ran out of missiles, ran out of fuel and then ran out of luck. Oh the unfairness of it all to end such a promising game before its time.

Agent_L wrote:
thereaverofdarkness wrote:Would be nice if there were more features at work to ensure you have a chance to complete this in most games.
Why? It's supposed to be super rare and super obscure. It's a bonus, not a requirement.

Now I just cannot understand this attitude. I played money for this game. Real cashy money. The kind that doesn't grow on trees. I had to go out and earn that money. In return for my hard-earned-cash I would like to be able to gradually unlock all areas of the game. Unlockability is what makes games re-playable. I don't want for it to be a gift from the capricious gods if I'm able to unlock all areas. I want for it to be a proper do-able possibility with a realistic chance of success. The game-makes might make it quite difficult to do - to make it all the more rewarding when something is unlocked. But to make it a total crapshoot is frustrating for your players. And by players I mean paying-customers-who-have-paid honest-to-god-real-life-money to pay for your game and who would therefore like to be able to play all the areas instead of just some of the areas.

So I would disagree 100% with Agent_L. Currently it is a bonus if you get it. But it should be a 100% out-and-out do-ably-unlockable content for the persistent player. I paid my money and I want my content that I damn-well paid for. And anybody who says it should be otherwise - well they're just straight up wrong as far as I'm concerned.
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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby cicobuff » Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:08 pm

I followed the tips given in this thread and got the Crystal Ship unlocked after about 10 tries.

I used canman's method:

0) Pick rockship as the starting ship.
1) Flew as fast as possible to the exit at the starting zone.
2) If I get 3 greens followed by 3 reds as a possible path, I'll hold off the jump and get as much upgrades as possible at the starting zone. If not, I'll quit and restart.
3) Play as usual, if you can get long range scanner, grab it above anything else.
4) Goto all distress beacon until you get the statis pod.
5) Visit zoltan homeworld or controlled. Visit all empty points (no ship or distress beacons) if possible to trigger repair of statis and get the crystal crew.
6) Then visit the rock homeworld. Visit all empty points (no ship or distress beacons) to find the gateway.

Remember to upgrade the ship as usual, build it normally as the homeworld battles can be dangerous to a non upgraded ship.

I got it the very first time I had 3 greens and 3 reds lined up! It took 10 tries in all. Lucky me.
And I managed to beat the boss at Last Stand after that also =). Real fun unlocking this.
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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby Agg Shell » Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:02 am

i hear ppl saying the rock cruiser is good for the crystal hunting, but i don't even have that xD
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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby Cragspyder » Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:28 am

I think it would be alright if the quest was extremely hard to complete, as it is, if it wasn't an achievement for the rock cruiser as well.

They already have it as part of the 'unlock all ships achievement'. However, since it is a Rock cruiser achievement as well, it basically forces you to use the Rock Cruiser to get it.

And playing the Rock Cruisers over and over again gets really old.

I play on normal, so often if I play Rock Cruiser A, I will get blown up in sector 3 or something due to a bad start. Rock Cruiser B is more reliable but boarding all the time gets dull really quickly, and if you don't board you have a much lower chance of making it through the steps in the first place.

I just had everything line up for me the other day, got to rock homeworlds with a crystal man for possibly the first time ever in over 50 attempts, only to get exploded at the second node.

If I could fly any ship I wanted, this would be much more tolerable. I realize that I COULD fly any ship, but if you want the crystal cruiser then you are achievement hunting anyways, and I certainly don't ever want to do it TWICE!
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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby TheJackall793 » Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:04 am

Although I have not played FTL as much as some people have, and the fact that I'm still trying to unlock all the ships and variants I have still looked in to getting this ship. I seem to have a problem with RNG in every game becuase in FTL I haven't got the stasis pods once. Not sure if you can even get then on the iOS edition (only version I play on) but I can't find them. For me it's not that annoying, mainly because I still have a large chunk of the game to explore but I really do think they should implement it in a different way. Although the other way, beating the flagship in every ship with every variant seems easier than this alternative.
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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby Merudo » Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:00 am

Why not just use the Rock type C ? You already start with a crystal guy...
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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby English Narwhal » Wed Apr 30, 2014 2:06 am

Okay, guys, here's the rap:
Use the Rock B or C, and pray you get a Rock Homeworld. A few other sectors compete with it, and it doesn't have to spawn in a given game.
The Rock Plating augment increases your odds of getting the derelict ship- but only if you get the asteroids event in the first place.
The Rock C bypasses the need altogether to find the derelict ship and the Zoltan researcher event- all you need is a Rock Homeworld sector and a lot of luck to find the unmarked quest beacon where the special event to get to the secret sector is located, as the Rock C has a Crystal.
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Re: Maximizing Odds for Unidentified Cruiser [SPOILERS]

Postby ValentineVxx » Mon May 05, 2014 1:02 pm

I uploaded a continue savefile with a rockmen cruiser A with diamond crewmember in the exit beacon before a Rockman Homeworlds, in case you can't unlock layout B or C cause you still need an achievement or cause just bad luck!

Just visit my post for the file and for more info!

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