How do you like to build the slug cruiser?

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Re: How do you like to build the slug cruiser?

Postby Earthfall5 » Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:22 am

Slug A is my go to ship. I love it.

Bio-beam yields lots of loot early on. On my last victory (easy)I had so many weapons, I was just leaving stuff behind. Ended up with Halberd beam, Hull Laser I, Dual Laser, Ion Bomb. Phased out Bio-beam by section 7.

Even though you only start out with 2 slugs, I ended up recruiting 8 or 9 additional crew and had to dismiss 2 or 3. Took the usual cloak, drones and teleporter. Final Boss was pretty easy. Ion bomb + lasers drop shields and Halberd wrecks havoc. Teleport Mantis and Rockman to take out the guns in phase one.

I attribute all my success with this ship due to the extra loot from killing crews. Love the Bio-Beam, that's why I play Slug A. I do try to get some lasers asap as that is a weak point in the load out.
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Re: How do you like to build the slug cruiser?

Postby Observato » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:34 am

Slug A, despite being a royal pain in the ass to get, quickly became one of my favorite ships. I do basically what people said here in the beginning, though I probably don't use Breach Bombs as much as I should because they always seemed pretty ineffective.

Both my playthroughs that got anywhere got a Mantis in the early game, so I tended to do an early transition to boarding strategies, with Dual Laser and Anti-Bio as fire support. Using my shield Slug as a second boarder was risky in the mid-game, but timing boardings to happen after the enemy crew was beamed helps a lot. Other than that, if I found any lasers, I took them. My successful run I bought a Burst 1 and found a Heavy 1, not great but they were needed. One Hull Laser 2 later and I was set for life. I even kept Anti-Bio during the Flagship for "flavor" instead of any practical use, that ship was so powerful (though it was quite effective in its own right).

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