Space Station 13 - "cooperative" MORPG spaceship simulation

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Space Station 13 - "cooperative" MORPG spaceship simulation

Postby sankto » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:14 pm

I just wanted to drop this little gem of a game :

Space Station 13.

I've been playing it for years now, and it's always so much fun.
The premise is simple : You arrive as a crew member of a space station (randomly named every round), where you must do your assigned job in relative peace. That is until one of the randomly chosen traitor (which can be anyone!) suddenly decide to push you down, knock you uncounscious, drag you into a dark maintenance hallway and strangle you to death. Then strip you of your belongings.

Basically, SS13 is a round based (each of them lasting between 50 to 100 mins on average) online RPG 'realistic' space station simulation featuring low-res simple graphics, a minimum of roleplay demanded (the Gibbed server #3 and 4 are pretty lax on this), unforgiving controls (seriously, it takes some time to get confortable with it), bombs, clowns, monkeys, wizards, clowns with bombs, a random naked crew running and screaming, intriguing rounds of hide and seek as the security team try to capture a changeling alien disguising itself as any previously dead crew member, and etc...

Everything in the station can be destroyed and / or constructed, with a full electricity system, oxygen, heat/cold, light/darkness...

I could go on and on, but honestly, almost every rounds are different. Instead, i'll give you this link : ... eStation13

A nice little gem in the previous page:
Ass Kicks You: Sort of inverted; it is possible to surgically cut someone's ass off and then beat them to death with their own ass.
Or surgically cut their ass off, grind it into meat, cook it into burgers and then feed them their own ass.

To see an ingame, 1:1 ratio map of the current version of the ship (NOTE : during halloween, it seems the admin decided to change the map to far different map, temporarily) : ... om_map.png (you arrive on the blue shuttle at the top-left)

To download and play the game, you need the BYOND installation and being logged into their system:

To go to the prefered and most up-to-date SS13 servers, go the their wiki (unfortunately not as updated as i'd like, but a good start nonetheless) : (nevermind their domain's name, it's better than their previous one, "Donglabs")

And click on their banner, on the lower-right section of the homepage.

And finally, on the why i've put quotation marks around 'cooperative' in the title.... You'll find out after playing a few rounds. Trust me.

Hope to see you there!
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Re: Space Station 13 - "cooperative" MORPG spaceship simulat

Postby superkonata » Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:11 am


ok, I MUST check this out :shock:
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Re: Space Station 13 - "cooperative" MORPG spaceship simulat

Postby seal562 » Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:14 pm

This game is nothing but frustrating. I played this game since it's beta and before SA decided to have it's hostile take over of the game. The game has lost it's RPG roots. Now it is all about clowning around and goofing off. No one does their roles and the odds of you getting beaten up and handcuffed to a chair are almost 99/100. Prepare to have a horrible time on SS13.
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Re: Space Station 13 - "cooperative" MORPG spaceship simulat

Postby sankto » Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:26 pm

Unless i am the 1 in an 100 players, being beaten up for no reason hardly ever happen unless i were to be acting badly (ie, being an ass). Also, while i can't say that everyone do their ingame job, i usually see people doing it. Although with the recent (temporary) change of map to an older one, i've seen a fair bit more of chaos, i think it will get back in order (somewhat) when they decide to return to the newer map.

Unless we happen to not talk about the same servers.

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