[Now on kickstarter] [Top down shooter] Finest Undead Coop Killing

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[Now on kickstarter] [Top down shooter] Finest Undead Coop Killing

Postby bs96games » Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:22 pm

Finest Undead Coop Killing


“Finest Undead Coop Killing” is a 3D, top down shooter for up to 4 players where you have to fight against endless hordes of zombies, which spawn in waves and come
in different types with different attacks and stats.
The game ends, when all players are dead, which is inevitable to come..

The game's pace is fast. Run for the free spaces, take your time at aiming and use your skill wisely. We put a lot of effort into
the controls, to achieve a very direct control of your character.

You can hold up to 2 weapons in seperated slots and also up to 3 grenades.

There are 17+ different weapons, each with randomly generated weaponstats.
The weapons come with different quality levels, which are visualized through different weapon colors:

white: no extra weaponstats
green: 1-2 extra random weaponstats.
blue: 3-4 extra random weaponstats.
magenta: 5-6 extra random weaponstats.

There are 20+ different weaponstats which can differ in values (e.g. 5% lifesteal). The number of possible combinations is huge.

You can choose your class after wave 3. There are 3 different classes, with different bonuses as well as an active skill.

For example the TANK is stronger with melee weapons, can get a lot of armor and draw the attention of a group of zombies as his special ability.
The RANGER has improvements for ranged weapons and can shoot a powerful exploding bullet.
The third class is called the SPECIALIST which unlocks special weapons like flamethrower, gatling and rocketlauncher. The specialist's class ability is to heal his teammates.

After wave 5 you can choose your first perk. This perk will give you significant bonus for the next 4 waves.

You can choose out of 2 random perks, if you play multiplayer their power is dependant on your level in relation to the level of your friends. Best player gets lowest bonus,
worst player gets most bonus. So everybody can have fun and nobody is “holding up the party”.

There are currently 10 diffrent perks in the game. More are coming.

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