I released for my first game! mini-game arcade style totally free

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I released for my first game! mini-game arcade style totally free

Postby beef_erikson » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:30 pm

Download for free:

Evil Clutches - A fast-paced, quick-to-play game brought to you by Beef Erikson Studios. In this arcade-action shooter mini-game, the goal is to save as many baby dragons whilst eliminating the demon spawn coming at you from all angles.

This initial version lays down the basis of the game; a simple and fun title designed for short bursts. I greatly welcome suggestions (UI work is at the top of my list for next update... the interface is lacking, to be kind) as I will be continuing development to expand not only the game to fit ideas I still have but also to get an even better grip on game design.

Also, I'd LOVE to see your high scores! Feel free to email them to me at beef.erikson.studios (at) gmail.com , I am collecting them all as memorabilia to my first game release.

I hope you enjoy this little mini-game as much as I do! Thanks for your thime!!

Troy Martin
Sole Proprietor
Beef Erikson Studios
beef.erikson.studios (at) gmail.com


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