Switch Out (Android/Google Play) - A casual (but hard) highscore game

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Switch Out (Android/Google Play) - A casual (but hard) highscore game

Postby Studio 989 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:28 pm


Switch Out

Test your reactions with this simple (but challenging) game!

This is one touch casual game where you switch from wall to wall to avoid oncoming objects.

Scoring is based on how long you can last.

- Tap to switch to opposite wall.

Warning: It may be difficult :)

- Hints -

* You have to be quick. The game only gets faster and harder!
* Timing your switches is important.

Image Image

Image Image



Download on Google Play

Feel free to try out the game and leave a review if you like it.

Would appriciate any feedback too.

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