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Re: Grim Dawn - arpg kickstarter

Postby jocan2003 » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:17 pm

The beta is not to give the player an idea of how the game will play out, its mainly to find issue with game, bugs with quest etc. Also i would like to apologize that my dumbed-down expression was a bit negative here, in the end it meant simplified like you just said. I find it sadening, first there was supposed to be horadric cube, got removed for the sake of simplification, D2 had rune wich gave specific bonus depending where you placed it or how you snap it together, they simplified it again, now you have a skill that has a bunch of rune you unlock with level, each rune does something different, complex? not at all, read the desc and your golden. Only thing i feel refreshing about D3 is the crafting system, well its simply a gold sink since in D2 after a while the money didnt mean anything at all unless you were a gambler. Where now gambler simply mean deconstructing and crafting.

Im not bashing the game, i do like it, im just sad that other game feel more D3 should be than the real D3. Complexity wise and content wise ( skill system, etc )

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