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Re: Spam!?

Postby xXSoulSlayerXx » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:56 am

Spam is just disgusting... Provided its about bacon! ;)
Ahhhhhh!!! Not the ion cannons!!!
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Re: Spam!?

Postby sid » Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:05 am

From what I've seen in my experience around forums, there are two extreme opposites in regards to how most websites act towards spam. The Minecraft angle of too much spam, and the Something Awful angle of anti-spam obsession. Here's my little explanation on the two.

In the Minecraft angle, the community will generally get too active, where there's users with post counts in the thousands that consist for the most part of "lol" or similar short replies. Those types of forums don't have much management, and although that might be appreciated by the community, it makes the forums pointless and unproductive. In a nutshell, think the bulk of /b/ or the entire population of Reddit.

In the Something Awful angle, the community feels almost under a military regime, and the few who manage to enjoy the experience are either the moderators, an elitist, civilized minority of the Internet, or people seeking to be part of one of those. Spam, or even unpleasant posts are hunted down with torches, and therefore post quality goes through the roof. Like specialty boards in 4chan that tend to scare off most people.

Now, I am not saying that Minecraft is completely spammy, nor that Somethign Awful is completely elitist, but they are the best examples I could think of. The ideal website sits somewhere in between fun and order, like Cortex Command or Toribash.

E: Oh, it's a thread about spambots. Yeah, captcha them into submission and stuff. Now my post just seems silly. :<

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