Next Build?

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Next Build?

Postby Gomisan » Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:03 am

I know the answer is likley to be "when it's done", but is there another build coming soon? I'd love to try out soem variations or ideas that I've seen posted here and on the Get Satisfaction forum. Even if it's just to guage reaction from the masses?
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Re: Next Build?

Postby Justin » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:26 pm

I'm not certain when the next build will be live but due to life things (i.e. moving apartments) it's been a bit slow this week. We will have an update by the weekend (?) or early next week (?). Depends on how it goes.

But since this kind of question will come up quite often, I should clarify or priority for these builds... To set your expectation on what will we be most likely working on etc.

Since we're treating this beta as truly "feature-complete" we are first and foremost focusing on *finishing* the game, meaning, getting it ready to be released. Unlike some other betas which are not concerned about release dates, we are less willing to just throw crazy ideas into the game at this point. When we sit down to figure out what to focus on next, we have an unwritten general hierarchy of importance: (top being "do first")

- Crashes - drop everything & fix these if possible
- Bugs
- Planned content - The new alien sectors, new music, playable ships (and layouts (?)), etc. These must be in the game to be "finished" in our minds and therefore are a high priority
- Small experience improvements/polish - Things that aren't likely to cause problems but still improve the user experience (i.e. the crew EXP mouseover, keyboard shortcuts(?))
- Smaller features - Altered weapons, altered lvl 3 effect for subsystems, etc
- Big features - Other weapon types, new systems, etc

It's not set in stone but this is my thought process at least.

There are a number of suggestions that we'd like to mess around and add at some point but we won't even attempt to try until we have burned through the other topics like the planned "alien sectors" and smaller experience improvements. If it takes the entire time between now and release to finish/polish the game, any cool ideas we add will have to wait to be post-release free extra content. (unless there's some huge giant expansion-worthy changes, but that's so far away. I can hardly picture a month from now)

TLDR: Cool stuff will have to wait until we finish all of our boring polish/content plans.
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Re: Next Build?

Postby Warbird » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:35 pm

Justin wrote:(i.e. moving apartments)

When are you guys coming stateside?

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