Wacky runs

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Wacky runs

Postby youngbeard » Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:23 am

What's the wackiest run you've had?

I'm in sector 4 now, with the Mantis B ship. I lost one Mantis to a random event I probably shouldn't have clicked on, but have gained two Engi and a Human. So now I board ships with a boarding drone, my Mantis captain, a Human lietenant, and two Engi (the goon squad). I bet those Engi didn't know what they were in for when they came on board. :lol: That Mantis captain will have those Engi whipped into shape and fighting like demons if I make it to the end of the game...
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Re: Wacky runs

Postby FDru » Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:17 pm

Just had the craziest thing happen...

*Unidentified Cruiser Spoilers Ahead*

So, I was doing a Basilisk run for the Boarding Operation achievement (kill 4 dudes with a boarding drone) which I failed miserably at. 2 sectors from the last stand, I proceed to get my boarding crew wiped out by a FTL jump. I had a mantis and human and an engi remaining so I decided to just make the mantis and human my new boarding crew. I lost them immediately afterwards to another FTL jump (because I never learn my lesson).

So, at the end of sector 6 in the Mantis B with no weapons at all, no cloaking and a single Engi. Welp. Might as well see how far I can get with my Beam Drone, since I was 3 jumps from the exit.

1st jump... asteroid field with crystal ship. Picked up a stasis pod.
2nd jump... Zoltan research facility. Got a crystal crewman
3rd jump... exit to Rock Homeworlds
4th jump... nothing
5th jump... entrance to hidden sector
6th jump... nothing
7th jump... Crystal Cruiser unlocked

The next couple of jumps either had nothing at all, or a shop, so I ended up buying a handful of crystal crew. They made the rest of the fights easy, and my beam drone finished off any ships for me that they couldn't (including the boss).

tl;dr: Totally botched run turns into Crystal Cruiser unlock (after 252 games), Your Own Fleet achievement and a victory :mrgreen:

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