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Re: Luck/Skill Balance

Postby Able_Baker » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:43 pm

I agree with what Battlemage15 said, however i do see a problem with the current store system. In the future there will likely be more weapons/augmentations ect add to the game. With a bigger pool of items and the limited size of the store it will make it a lot harder to obtain any particular individual item you may be hoping for.
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Re: Luck/Skill Balance

Postby Wintersong » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:50 pm

Consider this post a SPOILER.

Battlemage15 wrote:I honestly don't think item drops and luck vs. skill are the problem. in 80% of my games, I've made it to part 2 of the boss. To me, the problem with the game is all the rules you have been playing by throughout the game are thrown out the window by the final sector and the boss.


The Boss breaks many the rules and does so in ways that most builds simply cannot cope with. Strategies that work on one phase are next to useless on another. The 'Death Blossom' attacks on phase 2 and 3 can rarely be defended against even with max shields and a maxed cloaker. The Overshield negates the two mantis boarding crew to the missile launcher (or the teleporting bombs), allowing it to make a real pest of itself.

Meanwhile, the unavoidable damage is constantly chipping at you AND if the wrong system is hit (read - most of them) you are DONE.

Honestly, I think the boss just needs to be toned down. Fewer shots on the final laser attack and fewer drones on the phase two attack. Or make the Oversheild a one-time deal that, once down, stays down. In all my games, I beat the boss once and it was PURE LUCK (three blaster laser II, two mantis boarding party, maxed engines, shields 4 and never took a hit on weapons once).

Without skill, no amount of luck will allow you to win but having luck in your stores and loots is boss (you still need the skill). Not losing crew to events helps a lot too.

About the boss, I'm still stuck in Sector 3 Normal, so I can only talk of Easy (and it's increased amount of scrap) and the only time I have beaten the boss. The last game I reached the boss I had the best run ever and got a ship that was "perfect" and finally reached round three. The Krestel.

The boss, as such, is expected to be mean, huge and have specials attacks. And that is the case here. But the basic strategy is actually the same in the three rounds: a) disable weapon systems (asap), b) evade specials, c) grind the boss into dust by any means. The luck finding the tools and being able to purchase them is another story.

a) There are different strategies and only third round limits you with the Overshield. It can be done cheaply by teleporting crew but if you need speed, B. Bombs and/or missile weapon (Pegasus is a blessing, best missile weapon I have seen) can help in addition to boarding. If you lack teleporter and missiles... maybe you have lots of good lasers? :? In last round you depend on a missile weapon against weapon system if you don't want to waste time with Overshields (against which you can use lasers meanwhile). In the end, much like any other combat, you try to disable their weapons before they can harm you too much just that in this case it has more than one weapon system and once you destroy them, they are out till next time.

b) Max shields and max cloak against specials seem to work fine. Sometimes the timing it's bad for cloaking but in general seems doable. Specially once the weapon systems are down and there are no other attacks to worry about but the specials. I started first round with my full Hull and ended last round with something less than half of it.

I don't see the boss breaking any rule, just being a boss type ship. You need the skill to beat it but also the luck to get the best tools to achieve that (I'm not sure if round 3 would be really doable without missile launcher). The problem in Normal would be that even with skill and luck to find all the best weapons, scrap is so scarce there, that the ship won't be fully upgraded, ammunition won't be abundant and all the related problems to "Many needs, few resources". Which would be the main point of Normal.
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Re: Luck/Skill Balance

Postby OrangeBottle » Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:54 pm

_minispoiler ahead_

Wintersong wrote:(I'm not sure if round 3 would be really doable without missile launcher)

I've beaten the flagship with only laser weapons. It can be done. Actually, it's easier, because lasers give you more shots for less power.
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Re: Luck/Skill Balance

Postby Nox » Tue Jun 19, 2012 11:51 pm

IMO the luck balance is a little high right now.

I don't think I would change that, but I'd like them to add some 'extra difficult' ways to work around it, rather than merely be faced with defeat if you don't find :

1) scrap retrieval arm in the first 2 zones
2) cloak by mid game
3) sufficient shield busting weapons
4) etc.

There are a lot of showstoppers right now with the RNG, and it can lead to a fairly frustrating experience.

What I mean by workarounds are ideas I've posted on the other site - things like :

- allow players more chance at weapon loot by capturing enemy ships intact (to work around problem games where you can't find any weapons)
- allow players to capture and board slaver ships to get more crew (not my idea, I just like it)
- allow players to use a module that lets them treat repair and antipersonnel drones like crew (that don't gain skill) (as a workaround for shorthanded crisis)

and so forth.

Don't change the game, extend it. Leave us the possibility of terribly, terribly unfair dice roles but if we have the skill and luck, we can push it and find a way around it.

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