Some changes that I'd like to see

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Some changes that I'd like to see

Postby Volthar » Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:00 pm

Hi guys,

I spent way too much time on the beta this weekend, you've managed to come up with a cool and addictive game here! Since this is a beta, I thought I'd give some feedback on things I'd like to see in the game.

1) Battle Stations - On the Ship/Crew tab, I'd like to be able to assign each individual crew member to a specific console and then have a 'battle stations' button on the main ship screen so the crew would move to that console. From a role playing perspective, I'd like to have the same character man the same station throughout the game but I find it hard to remember it all after I have to pull people off of their stations for things like damage control and repelling boarders. Alternately, just let me name my crew so I can give them titles like 'Weapons Officer or Chief Engineer'.

2) Crew experience - In combination with the above, let crew members get better at their job as time goes by. The longer someone is at a specific battle statoin, the bigger of a bonus he gives that console. For example, a shield specialist might have a +x% chance to not lose a shield point when the ship takes a hit. My teleporter specialist might reduce the cooldown of the teleporter, etc.

3) Sandbox mode - A mode where all the ship types are unlocked and there's no rebel alliance to flee from. Just let me go out in the galaxy and exploring progressively harder sectors until something kills me. I see this game compared to roguelikes, I'd love to have a game play mode that plays more like a roguelike.

4) The quests to unlock ships seems too obscure; too hard to figure out without reading spoilers. I think you're hiding one of the more fun aspects of the game, playing around with different ships, behind a quest system that almost forces players to use out-of-game resources to unlock the feature. That's bad game design imo. Instead, make the ships easier to unlock and use those quests to give the corresponding ship a bonus starting perk.

5) The balance between easy and normal mode doesn't feel right. I feel like I'm being penalized for playing normal mode because I don't have the money to afford the cool upgrades. Instead of making resources scarcer, I'd prefer it if it made the opponents harder instead.
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Re: Some changes that I'd like to see

Postby VladePsyker » Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:12 pm

1) I like

2) is already in the beta, check your crew tab and mouse over a crew memeber

3) apparently coming in release or a later beta build

4) personal taste, I didn't mind it

5) normal is how the devs wanted the game to be, not having the right tools is how being on the run is meant to feel, if you want the freedom to kit out your ship with heaps of scrap that what easy is for.

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