What are the best upgrades to ensure the most blue options?

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What are the best upgrades to ensure the most blue options?

Postby FDru » Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:58 am

So far I find med bay (level 2) to be one of the most useful early game upgrades to get, since there's at least 3 events which you can get either a guaranteed reward, a new crew member or save a crew member from death if you have it. There may be more I forgot but it's rare to have a run where I don't get any of these events.

Teleporter seems to be a good one as well.

What do others consider to be the most useful upgrades to get, especially early game?
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Re: What are the best upgrades to ensure the most blue optio

Postby Number43 » Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:15 am

Medbay and teleporter are the big ones as far as getting crew.

Having near max weapon power gives you some blue options to threaten people into surrendering something without a fight, but usually it doesn't give you a better reward than fighting them.

Cloaking gives a lot of blue options, but half of them avoid fights in ways that give you less rewards, so you wouldn't want to take them most of the time.

There are some options for highly upgraded engines, but again those are often for avoiding fights.

Upgrading the oxygen does nothing but protect you against hacking ships that sabotage the oxygen system in the fight.

Sensors give a few blue options in addition to the combat benefits, some of which can be fairly rewarding in encounters where you'd otherwise leave with nothing.

As far as I know, piloting only gives you one blue option (searching wreckage in an ion storm). However that can give substantial rewards and without it you risk losing a crew member.

As for weapons, beam weapons give you a lot of options, and there are a few for ion weapons. There are also a small number for missiles. Fire bombs are the only way to get a good reward on the "investigate nearby Mantis war camp", and gives you a crew in addition to other loot. Anti-bio beam helps against the alien spiders event, and can substitute for a teleporter on the quest to take a ship intact that will otherwise tell you that you are "not properly equipped".

There are options for most kinds of drones, though I'm not sure which have the most plentiful options. If you want more options try to have a variety of types available.

As for augments, having advanced ftl navigation will give you an option to get a reward without having to go to a quest beacon for "my ftl navigation has gone haywire" quest. Scrap recovery arm gives you an option when it asks if you want to explore some nearby asteroids. I'm pretty sure there is at least one for repair arm. Rock plating and engi nano-bot dispersal have three and one events respectively.

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