Early purchase for those that missed Kickstart?

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Re: Early purchase for those that missed Kickstart?

Postby Warbird » Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:17 pm

If you'd watch the latest video, you'd notice that his phrasing noted that they were considering an open or "buy to get into" beta.
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Re: Early purchase for those that missed Kickstart?

Postby Dahn » Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:22 pm

Some people will pirate games no matter what you do.
Some will pirate a game to try it out, then buy it if they like it.
Others will have no intention of paying whatsoever.

The devs have said on a couple of occassions that they were looking into a way to allow people to get into the beta earlier, they even posted on the forums here to see what people here thought.
They didn't want to devalue the contributions of all the folks that kicked in contributions on the kickstarter by then turning around and giving everyone the "exclusive" beta opportunity that was offered to kickstart contributors.
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Re: Early purchase for those that missed Kickstart?

Postby Senex » Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:45 pm

I know that they have said they are considering it, i've watched the preview movies a lot.

I know people pirate things regardless. However, it cannot be denied that giving people no other means to play the game will have an effect on how many people pirate it. Good folks who don't normally pirate games from indy companies might be persuaded to do so, just like my game of thrones example.

I really cannot grasp how letting more people pay for the game and play it will devalue the kickstarter investors. I sincerely doubt that the majority of the contributors donated solely to get "exclusive VIP access", they donated because they wanted the game to exist. More people playing will just further that goal.

I hope my previous post did not come off as a threat, or even a coarse warning. I'm just voicing, like, my opinion, man, while the game is still in progress and the team is still open to public suggestions. I want nothing more than for this game to succeed to the fullest and for these guys to take my money for their efforts.
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Re: Early purchase for those that missed Kickstart?

Postby Dahn » Sun Jun 03, 2012 11:33 pm

I do agree that more people buying the game is good, and I personally wouldn't be bothered by others who missed the opportunity to join in through the kickstart program paying and being allowed into the beta.

It's not like this is the only game which will have a closed beta. There are a lot of games which are publicly opening up the demos. Usually, they have gone through internal beta testing with large groups (Which I believe was the idea for the kickstarter reward) before undergoing public open beta testing, so they could catch the majority of the problems before it went public. You think the beta for Diablo 3 wasn't thoughly tested internally first? (Well, probably not LOL)

It's not going to be the full game, there is more than likely going to be issues and problems that come up during the beta test period before release. I can understand the devs not wanting people to buy the game on beta thinking it's the release, have bugs and problems and then bad mouth the game and the devs.
(Which quite a few probably would. There are a huge amount of people that don't really understand the role alpha and beta stages of a game are. There are a lot that seem to think that beta tests are nothing more than early access to the completed game, not understanding the part that testing actually takes)

It might not reflect well on the guys and would damage their image, which in turn could prevent us getting more games in the future from them.

All that said, they have said they are going to try and work out something for those that missed Kickstarter, you'll just have to be a little patient and wait and see what they come up with...
Think about it this way, the first to get the beta will not be getting a game that is as polished as those that join later...

Sorry about the wall of waffle, just offering a little perspective from my POV. :ugeek:
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Re: Early purchase for those that missed Kickstart?

Postby CEO » Mon Jun 04, 2012 1:49 pm


Your comments make it sounds like people who got in on the kickstarter are somehow more aware of the alpha/beta phases. Awareness is a problem for any game with open/pay betas, and since there was no exam prior to being allowed into the kickstarter, the quality of tester from the kickstarter wouldnt be noticibly different from a pay-to-play beta. You are going to have both people who just want to play, and people who want to improve the game and help squash bugs.

The way to ensure your rep stays golden during a buggy beta is though good communication with the community. If you look at some successful pay-betas (Minecraft, Towns and SPAZ come to mind) the level of interaction between the community and the devs is high. This leads to testers feeling like they are comtributing to the game, rather than playing a finished product.

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