Any other suggestions of "near-perfect information" games, with minimal RNG??

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Any other suggestions of "near-perfect information" games, with minimal RNG??

Postby AaronEzra » Tue Sep 08, 2020 4:43 pm

I'm looking for turn-based tactics, "chess-plus games," with rpg elements, weapons, adventure, base-building, resource management.

Needless to say I love Into the Breach. Here's other strat games I like (they have rng though):

Advance wars 1-4

Fire emblem 6 through 9

A bit unrelated, Plague Inc, yes that really old flash game (i guess it's out on steam too)

Here's what I didn't like:

Newer Fire Emblems. Too many waifus/tits, didn’t like grinding for abilities and min-maxing child units.

FF tactics for GBA

Wargroove. I beat this 100%. There were irreconcilable issues with gameplay and UI/information for me. For instance, not all the strength-weaknesses are displayed, especially for naval units. The icons patch didn't fix much. Fog-of-war doesn't affect NPC. Sorry but it felt like a worse advance wars.

Xcom, tried to like it but couldn't get into it. Didn't like the art style, the rng, and the ranged gun mechanics.

valkyria chronicles

banner saga (wasn't a fan of the weird 2d/3d perspective)

Things in my "to play" list:

Front Mission


civ 4 (waiting for winter because I get the feeling it'll consume my time)

phantom doctrine

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