Suggestion: Crew adds bouns when in a systems room.

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Suggestion: Crew adds bouns when in a systems room.

Postby tiger59 » Wed Aug 05, 2020 11:41 am

Hands up who hid there crew in the small side rooms when they played the demo so they would not be hurt in a battle unless they where needed to repair and that is the only time they entered a systems room, other than the cockpit or medical station.

I know I did, now from the beta videos I saw I know there will be crew you can get that repair faster or fight better I think but I don't know if having crew inside a system room gives any bonuses or not. So why not? If you put crew members into a systems room let them work on the consoles there and improve the efficiency of the system there in.

I.e. 2 Crew in the cockpit makes the engines charge up quicker than if you just had one crew inside. A crew member at weapons makes the weapons charge a bit quicker and more if you have 2+ crew members inside the room.

Some systems have a maximum number of crew that can add a bonus. Say 2 for the cockpit, 1 for the medical station(only uninjured crew add a bonus in the medical station), 1 for the security door thingy place, 4 for weapons, 1 for life support, and 2 or 4 for engines(adds evasion bonus rather than charging bonus), 2 or 4 for shields and so on for extra systems that will be added.

If the system is attacked the bonus stops while repairs are under way.

If no bonuses are applied why even have crew other than to attack boarders and repair stuff? Odd that they would not be able to improve the system by been in the room.

Imagine the tactical situations do you place the majority of your crew at the weapons or shields or engines? Do you split them up and give a small bonus to a lot of systems or do you concentrate them at one system.

The advantage of crew bonuses is countered by the fact that you have a limited quantity of crew to boost the systems, that they are in danger while giving the bonus as the systems rooms are attacked more often than empty rooms, and finally who says the bonus only applies to crew on the players ship only :)

Well good idea or does it add a bit to much extra to think about in the battle?


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