Hello Forum and Question.

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Hello Forum and Question.

Postby vpledung88 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 9:14 am

Hi all, im a new so i want to say hello.

And second,

It's always been on my mind, can you get your crew stuck on enemy ship by hacking enemy teleporter and the enemy has mind control as well? Also wondering if mind controlled crew mans a system he/she has experience at. On another hand, only Lanius Bomber can do this (never tried to hack their tele in fear of losing crew due to this very scenario), so any non-Lanius are screwed if this happens, unless the game is modded and has more enemy ships with possible tele&MC installed.

Think this could also happen even without player hacking the teleporter, given the enemy AI used teleport to call back their boarders who happen on the same room as mind controlled crew.

Or I may be completely wrong, this fear of hacking tele is just due to knowing mc&tele abduction strategy.

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