Work on a demo.

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Work on a demo.

Postby Bienxanh » Fri May 29, 2020 5:04 am

The reason I backed FTL and also backed extra to get into the beta is because I got to play it when you did the demo onlive.

Before the demo I watched your videos and saw the screen shots and thought it was interesting game but I was going to wait till it was released to even think about getting it but by playing it for myself changed my impression totally and made me realise how much more fun the game was by playing it with my interactions and not by watching someone else play it.

So a recommendation is for you to work on a demo for when the game is realised, not saying work on it now but do have it ready for when the game is launched it will bring in a lot more people than if you don't make one or if you make one at a later date after the hype of FTL release is over.

Also as those of us who played the onlive demo got to experience the impossible pirate at the end heh don't let the people who have not experienced fighting that ship miss out :D make the demo like the onlive version a two system demo with the impossible pirate at the end again :) but this time if you do beat the pirate don’t let them continue the game as long as they want like what the onlive demo did but instead end the game like if they died which then shows them a link to buying the game but congratulate them on beating the impossible pirate then say here is a discount to the game why not go and but the game now at a discount and continue your adventure in space :)

That little bit at the end will push a lot of people into buying the game as if they have played the demo so much that they figure out the secret to beating the impossible pirate and they do they will be hyped up a lot then throw in an offer of a discount say 5%/10% it will push a lot of them over into buying the game.


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