Love to see a longer game

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Re: Love to see a longer game

Postby MeGusta » Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:54 pm

Endless space mod makes the game better
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Re: Love to see a longer game

Postby Alsojames » Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:37 pm

Isn't there a mod that makes it infinite?
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Re: Love to see a longer game

Postby Jerjare » Thu Apr 04, 2013 7:46 pm

The key to making a longer game is the ability to scale up. Eventually you are going to get maxed out- that means enemies are gonna need to be tougher or have some unmatchable element to keep things challenging. A few possiblities:

1. Multiple ship combats. This has been said many times. Say, having a New Game+ but this time around you are up against multiple enemy ships at a time. Even a fully maxed out ship will struggle vs, say a rebel cruiser, rebel rigger, and drone ship.

2. Promoting your crewmembers into something new. Play long enough, and you'll max out their abilities. That's boring. There should be a difficult but feasible way to 'promote' your crewmember (if you wish) into something new. Here's my post-FTL ideas:

Rock -> Crystalmen: The most obvious one. Rediscovery of the Crystal sector leads some Rockmen to 'get back to their roots'.

Human -> Precogs: Humans are boring and ordinary. Precogs would be like the 'Jedis' of FTL: since you are piloting with a human the most, the ability for him to get a bonus for it makes sense. Precogs would be able to slightly anticipate events giving dodge bonuses for manning cockpit and engine.

Engi -> Wrecker: War has changed Engis. Once peaceful, the Engis adapted to become effective killing machines. Wreckers have buzzsaw arms that can damage enemy systems/doors/drones much faster than other races.

Slug -> Cephlapod: Centuries of decadence have mutated slugs into tentacle monster Cephlapods. Cephlapods are covetous and obsessed with stuff. They can detect fires, hull breaches, and oxygen levels without sensors.

Zoltan -> Avatar: The spiritual Zoltan strive to acheive a greater unity with other races, transforming into Avatars which boost their allies' racial bonuses if they are in the same room.

Mantis -> Praetorian: Praetorians are battle-hardened Mantises boasting impressive weaponry. Praetorians have a ranged attack of 5 squares that allows them to hit enemies not blocked by walls/doors.

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