Question about Mods and Achievements!!!

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Question about Mods and Achievements!!!

Postby alidayvn » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:11 am

So, I think I already know the answer to this, but does activating mods automatically turn of achievements and ship unlocking? I just found out about the Captains Edition mod, and like all the new content, but I've only unlocked like 6 of the ships and would like to get some of the others. It looks like achievements are gone now, and while I didn't manage to beat the flagship with the Zoltan cruiser in my last run (got close, but got overwhelmed) I'd hate to do so and then not get the Mantis ship (I'd rather get it through the quest chain, but my luck with encountering those various quests is pretty low. I've seen each one only a few times, if that, and I've never had what I needed to get them even if I do (missing the Rock, Mantis, Slug, and Crystal ships). Anyways, just wanted to check if I'm right, and should disable the mod before making another run with the Zoltan.

Also, random question--is the new Lanius ship unusually powerful, or did I just get a good run? Cus I absolutely wrecked the flagship on easy with it, and that was my first playthrough in probably a year.

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