Ion bomb or Artemis?

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Ion bomb or Artemis?

Postby marjoriewbecker » Mon Oct 14, 2019 4:58 am

I’m in stage 7 and picked up an ion bomb from a victory. It’s easy mode, cause I haven’t beaten the game yet. So it’s probably not a terribly important decision.

But my weapon load out is currently blast laser 2 flak 1 halberd beam and Artemis. 8 weapon power 8 shields 5 engines 3 drones (shield drone and Defense Drone 2) 3 cloaking.

I have drone recovery arm and stealth attack augments.

Since I’m still really new, and I’m scared to experiment, can you guys help explain to me which weapon is better for my ship? I’m running Kestrel A.

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