How does baiting work?

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How does baiting work?

Postby johndcruz21 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 7:30 am

I think melee veks always go for a mech if they're not in range of another target.

Also seems like they can detect when anothing vek is trapped in ice. But will attack frozen mechs too (unfreezing them).

What priority is given to buildings vs mechs? regular buildings vs the targets of objectives? new projects in borivali east

Is there any way if determining the likely attack target of artillery veks? Or is anything in their cross pattern equally likely to get hit? 1 bhk in mulund

I notice those multi attack veks try to multiple things. I guess there's an internal scoring system for them. I notice this more on the multi-web bombers compared to the alpha vek flyers that can hit 2 tiles at once (sometimes they seem to prefer only hitting one tile even with multi tile attack options).

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