A Bug or a Feature??

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A Bug or a Feature??

Postby ronkings » Sun Sep 29, 2019 12:29 pm

So, I've been enjoying Engi cruiser and going for suffocation with Ion Blast II and Charge Ion a lot. But hit a snag with one Pirate Scout (Mantis, with teleporter and medbay). I've killed off the whole crew except last 2 crew members who stand in medbay. O2 is destroyed, oxygen is fully drained like 10 minutes ago, but they are standing in medbay and constantly healing(health actually stays the same, so they are not going out of medbay to repair oxygen) even though I'm hitting medbay with IB II and Charge Ion keeps shield down. They have 2 points of hull left and I can finish them with a hull at any time, but i'm just wondering is that suppose to work that way? why they are not dying even when medbay is hit?https://myip.kim/ https://birthdaywishes.onl/ https://elecpay.in/tneb/

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