What was the dumbest way you lost?

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What was the dumbest way you lost?

Postby henryweasley » Fri Sep 27, 2019 12:52 pm

So I'm Engi A.

At about sector 7, I got Flak 2, Glaive Beam, Defense Drones 1 and 2, 3 shields. Don't remember if I had any other subsystems, but I think I had cloaking as well.

I'm literally steamrolling through everything. Cloak till flaks are charged, then glaive beam. Everything becomes sitting ducks.

Ezpz, I say. Flagship time.

First and second round, ez win. I take maybe 4 hull damage total.

Last round, fuck. Boarders everywhere, but I did manage to whittle down the ship, but my ship is down to like 2-3 hull.

So picture this scenario: My ship, in flames, 2-3 hull, fully charged Flak 2, half charged Glaive Beam.

Enemy flagship: 2 shields, 1 hull left.

Win right?

Wrong! For some reason, my dumb ass decided to wait for the Glaive Beam to charge, instead of firing 7 trash bags and finishing the game. I died to the missiles. I alt F4'd, opened the game again and tried with Engi A, and kept dying in sectors 2-3.

And that's the reason why I'm never going to play Engi A ever again.

What's your story?

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