Going all out

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Going all out

Postby Sallybui123 » Tue Sep 24, 2019 4:31 pm

This is one of those types of games, it is so easy to make it complicated. So why not do just that.
You have a crew that you will try to keep alive. But even the most dedicated human/ant person will start to feel the strain at some point, that's where Moral comes in.
What does Moral do.

High Moral:
Duty's are performed perfectly and fast.
boarders are easily removed.

Medium Moral:
Crew works more slowly errors can happen.
They take more damage in combat.
Evasion gets slower.

Low Moral:
Crew works slow and makes mistakes. can damage systems.
Can surrender if boarded.
can mutiny.

How to keep moral high
Crew quarters:
A place to rest during the FTL jumps.
works poorly if damage. (the crew can still find a bunk)
Doesn't work during hull breach

A place to eat, different races likes different food. (keep it well stocked)
Doesn't work if damage (for health reasons)

Recreation room:
Just to keep up moral

I am not saying that every ship should have every room far from it, some are just to small.
I am saying that this could add another pain for the player to deal with making the game more challenging. Keeping up moral.

Perhaps this is for the DLC


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