A pretty minor detail

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A pretty minor detail

Postby taikhoan032 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:50 am

Hi all,
This is a pretty minor detail, because you can simply pause the game. However, I think that the game could be improved by having an icon for the highest skill a crew member has show up next to them in the crew list, and the same color as if you hovered over them with the mouse.

When I have an enemy boarding party show up, especially early on, I often fall back to the med bay. Or I'll shuffle crew around in the middle of a big fire fight. When I have 8 crew, it can get a bit difficult to remember which of the 4 engis is the engine man, because he'll give me 5% more evade than anyone else crewing those engines. If I had an icon showing it, I could dispatch him back to the engine room after say, repairing the cloak or something, without always having to pause the game. I know I could just keep the game running while I manually look through my crew for my engineer, but it seems to me that since the game can be paused in the middle of battle to do the same thing, an icon indicating the highest level skill of a crew member next to them doesn't simplify anything any more than it already is.

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